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13639Re: [hercules-os380] Re: S/370 PC

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  • Bill Turner, WB4ALM
    Jun 19, 2017
      On 06/18/2017 05:55 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd
      markMLl.hercules-os380@... [hercules-os380] wrote:
      > On 18/06/17 06:00, kerravon86@... [hercules-os380] wrote:
      >> ---In hercules-os380@yahoogroups.com, <kerravon86@...> wrote :
      >>> And just to clarify, this means that
      >>> data on both PCs and mainframes
      >>> is almost exclusively in EBCDIC.
      >>> Unix is the only major platform that
      >>> uses ASCII.
      >> Specifically the UN invented ASCII,
      >> the SPARC and Unix, and because
      >> this was their baby, they created
      >> an international law that major
      >> data interchange format fields
      >> should be in ASCII, not EBCDIC,
      >> even though EBCDIC was
      >> ubiquitous.
      >> Thus in e.g. the "zip" format, the
      >> filenames are all in ASCII, and in
      >> the zmodem protocol, the filename
      >> is also in ASCII, and so is code like
      >> this to send an expected "rz" string:
      > [Shakes head sadly]
      > Meanwhile in Brno a technical journalist/trainer/consultant is laughing
      > uncontrollably...
      And not just in Brno...

      Nightly news reports: "...thousands of laughter hotspots have been
      observed all over the world..."

      /s/ Bill Turner, wb4alm
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