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66829MTS 6.0: Planes, trains and automobiles

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  • Rene Ferland
    Dec 31, 2011

      I have a few more questions about MTS 6.0:

      1) I have been trying to print files and submit jobs using *PRINT* and *BATCH* as explained in Vol. 1. I type


      and I get the message:

      "*PRINT*": is not available. The same message appears with *BATCH*. Is this normal behavior for the moment? Or can I make them available somehow?

      2) Can I use the card reader? Presumably yes if *BATCH* is available. I would like to transfer a few programs from the host to MTS, and I figured I could do it with the card reader (copying in batch from *SOURCE* to a file).

      3) I also defined a few 9335 DASDs to connect to D600-D603. I initialized them fine with DASDI and then updated the Disk Table with *DSK. I use ADD MTSxxx, CAT MTSxx, DMGR MTSxxx. It seems to be ok when I display the table but then I do not see the DASDs again at next IPL. What do I forget?

      Thanks for any help,

      Rene FERLAND, Montreal
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