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66798MTS Restoring Files from *FS Tapes?

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  • Kevin Monceaux
    Dec 30, 2011
      MTS Fans,

      Could someone point me in the right direction for restoring files from the
      *FS tapes? Much of the documentation references components/documentation on
      the *FS tapes. I wouldn't be surprised if the documentation that tells me
      how to restore files from the *FS tapes is on the *FS tapes. :-)

      Do I need to mount the *FS tape in question first and assign it a PDN, such
      as *tape*, then run *FS with something like:

      $run *FS 0=*tape*

      I can't seem to figure out the mount command. Should it look something

      $mount mytape 9tp *tape* vol=6.0T1

      With the above I get:

      System error in mount.

      Also, does MTS have something similar to *nix's less for viewing files?


      Bruceville, TX

      What's the definition of a legacy system? One that works!
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