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66707MTS and typesetting?

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  • BruceTSmith
    Dec 27, 2011
      I was looking at MTSD6Doc-April1988.pdf, and at the end it says MTS supports the APS-5 phototypesetter.

      I never did anything with APS machines, but I spent several years writing programs to feed Videocomp phototypesetters. Wrote my own asm macro "language" that evolved nicely over time. I knew Videocomp 500BIL and 800BIL, like the back of my hand. :)

      So anybody know if MTS has a Videocomp "driver"?

      Typesetting and CRT terminals like the 3270 are such a natural fit. I got into ASCII CRT terminals and later the 3270 because of typesetting. It was like Jekyll and Hyde, we had the absolute best quality, super hi-res output, but the old batch oriented update system, well, it just sucked. Going to "on line" updates was, just beautiful. :)

      MTS certainly looks like an interesing project. And I love any terminal oriented stuff, especially 3270 oriented. I just wish I was about 40 years younger, when I had the energy to stay up for days on end, learning a new OS from scratch. :)

      But hey, ya never know...

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