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66693MTS 6.0 Documentation

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  • Kevin Monceaux
    Dec 27, 2011
      MTS Enthusiasts,

      The MTS 6.0 distribution came with several bits of documentation in text
      files. I found a PDF version which might be easier for some to read:


      On the subject of documentation, could someone point me to documentation on
      customizing MTS? In particular at the moment I'm searching for how to set
      the time zone. During IPL the correct date is displayed, including the four
      digit year. If I try to change the date/time/time zone at that point it
      won't accept a four digit year, and it interprets the two digit year as 1911
      instead of 2011. I tried entering just the time zone via the SET command
      hoping that would do the trick but it then shows the date as September 17,


      Bruceville, TX

      What's the definition of a legacy system? One that works!
      Errare humanum est, ignoscere caninum.
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