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66620MTS 6.0 Utility Tape Problem?

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  • Kevin Monceaux
    Dec 23, 2011
      Hercules Fans,

      I'm attempting to follow the MTS 6.0 NEWSYS instructions. I get as far as
      step eight. When I enter:


      I get:

      00005 MTS T901 error A 5C000000 00 81
      00005 MTS T901 - - - file 1 block 0
      00005 MTS T901 Invalid or insufficient sense data
      00005 MTS CONTROL command aborted -- Error 0024:
      00005 MTS Fatal error (Sense flag:Data=01:8000000001C00300000000000080010001000

      The _README.txt file mentions the following about the utility tape:

      The utility tape was originally labeled, but the labels were lost when
      it was copied to a file. The labels were reconstructed from a
      *LABELSNIFF listing (since they matter) and the result is an AWSTape in

      Were the reconstructed labels not reconstructed correctly or is this perhaps
      a Hercules problem?


      Bruceville, TX

      What's the definition of a legacy system? One that works!
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