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  • David Wade
    May 25, 2001

      I too grew up on MTS and have fond memories of having my
      jobs terminated for being the largest user of virtual memory
      on the 360/67 at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne....

      (I was trying to resource level PERT charts in APL....)

      I too would have though that some would have kept a tape of it, but
      perhaps it has been lost to the world, to be replaced by LINUX...


      --- In hercules-390@y..., "Whitesell, Ken" <KWhitesell@m...> wrote:
      > All,
      > First, I want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who in
      > way participates in this project. I've had a lot of fun dinking
      > with my MVS system - brings back lots of memory.
      > On a related note, back in my college days (U of Michigan -
      > we had an OS called MTS (Michigan Terminal System). It ran on an
      > Amdahl 470 v8 (? I'm pretty sure I'm _real_ close on the model.)
      > that it was developed by a University, I would expect it to be
      > Public Domain. I did a web search on MTS and actually found that the
      > last known MTS installation shut down a year or so ago.
      > It was most significant to me because I seem to remember it
      > very Multic-like. (Another good OS that I've had the pleasure to
      > Anyone else here remember it?
      > Ken
      > PS - Dave / Fish,
      > The difference here is that VMWare's code runs as a 'service'
      > as a device driver. That limits it to the NT/2000 arena only.
      > The most difficult issue with writing a 'Windows device
      driver' is
      > that you have to decide which of the four different models you're
      > to use. You can't use the same driver on NT as you do on 98...
      (Well, there
      > are _always_ exceptions, but I'll stand by that statement 90+%.)
      > Ken
      > Message: 15
      > Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 09:15:22 -0000
      > From: "David Wade" <dave@d...>
      > Subject: Re: I'm ready to give up on Windows CTCA support.
      > Dave,
      > I have not researched this thouroughly, but I know the VMWARE folks
      > have a device driver which I think does the sort of thing you need.
      > It is used to allow several virtual X86 systems running under NT or
      > Windows/2000 to either talk to each other or talk externally on a
      > virtual network. I think they wrote it themselves, but they are
      > friendly chaps, so it might be worth talking to them, if this is
      > we need.
      > Dave.
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