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Gatesville, TX Pound-Animals Killed With Car Exhaust Pipe

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  • cjkj2000@yahoo.com
    This is a horrible situation at the Gatesville pound in Texas. Please write letters (and copy JLayne3636@aol.com) These poor babies are put in a dark room
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
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      This is a horrible situation at the Gatesville pound in Texas. Please write letters (and copy JLayne3636@...)

      These poor babies are put in a dark room with the exhaust pipe from a car attached and are killed. We must do something to put an end to this practice.

      There will be photos available on my web site some in the next few days.

      Below is an alert that Jerry Layne submitted to Animal Rights Online.

      Thank you all,

      Barbaric Animal Pound in Gatesville, Texas
      by Jerry Layne - JLayne3636@...

      Forty-four miles from Waco, Texas is the small, lovely town of Gatesville,
      Texas. About 10 miles outside the city limits of Gatesville, isolated off a
      county road, behind a locked gate and nowhere to be seen is the city's
      'Animal Pound.'

      Twice in the last several months, I have driven from my home in Waco to this
      unsanitized 'animal pound.' Over the past 14, years I have seen and fought
      hard against animal shelters and pounds that give nothing but misery and
      suffering to animals.

      ANIMALS RIGHTS ONLINE and so many readers three years ago greatly assisted
      my organization, ANIMALS HAVE HEARTS, TOO! in a 3-month battle against the
      City of Abilene, Texas and their use of a gas chamber where they bunched-up
      many animals at one time, shoved them in the gas chamber, pushed the button
      and walked away from the ghastly nightmare. We won a victory there by
      emails, letters, facsimiles to various members of the City of Abilene, and
      they changed to lethal injection.

      Now, we are requesting your assistance again. This small town has set up a
      small bricked-in confinement for a gas chamber. When shut, it is complete
      darkness inside (pictures are available that I and other individuals took of
      the chamber and the animal pound where feces and filth are everywhere/also,
      located around the animal pound-empty shotgun shells), and the small brick
      chamber is hooked-up to an old City of Gatesville police car with its tires
      taken off, and a hose is hooked up to its exhaust pipe directly attached to
      the gas chamber.

      Also, in one picture, the gas pedal has a tree-stick shoved against it and the
      car seat so no individual has to push the gas pedal to maintain pressure for
      the gas fumes to move to the gas chamber.

      It is a haunting sight to realize what the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens
      must go through. All alone, pushed into this darkness then very slowly
      gassed to death.

      This is unacceptable to all of us and we need your assistance in writing to
      place people and the city on notice.

      Please tell the below list of individuals that a gas chamber of any kind is
      unacceptable and causes great suffering and must be dismantled. Unwanted
      animals are entitled to basic protections under the Texas State Law. Tell
      them to stop permitting pound/city employees to continue killing animals by
      gassing. We realize this is a small town, but other small towns know it is a
      horrible action to gas animals and instead, use lethal injection--even in a
      small community there must be given to the animals respect and dignity in the
      time of their deaths!

      It is well-known that animals killed in gas chambers especially homemade, car
      exhaust to chamber is a wrenching way to die. The animals often scream in
      panic, they struggle for air, and the exhaust gas horribly irritates their
      eyes and noses.

      Gassing animals is an extremely cruel and inhumane method of euthanasia, if
      you can even call gassing euthanasia. We resonate with all of creation, and
      whatever harm or brutality is done to these innocents without voices affects
      us all, one way or the other.

      All of us are appalled by the way this small town has hidden the 'animal
      pound' way away from civilization and are killing the unwanted animals by
      CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING...through the exhaust of a vehicle!

      Virtually every major animal protection organization in the United States, as
      well as the AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, advocates strongly
      "intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital" as the euthanasia method of
      choice, and it is our belief we can offer the veterinary community assistance
      in teaching the proper way to use lethal injection.

      The above is 'some-type' of message your reader's can send; ending with,
      "Thank you for your time and urgent decision to stop using the gas chamber."

      Please forward a carbon copy (CC) to JLayne3636@... as this was very
      helpful in the Abilene, Texas animal shelter gas chamber case. Such
      monitoring of the mail is also being done with the current cat cruelty case
      here in Waco, the QUESO cat case, and we have monitored over 4,000 messages to
      city council members, Baylor University, the DA and etc.

      *Also, in your messages; please inform the CONTACTS that sanitation and
      better protection from the weather elements is a priority, as the 'pound'
      uses old, rusty oil drums for 'housing' of individual animals, which give no
      shelter or comfort whatsoever to the animals.


      Mr. Brandon Emmons
      City Manager
      email: Brandon.Emmons@...

      Mr. Luis Lobo
      Assistant City Manager
      email: lobo@...

      City of Gatesville
      email: mainstreet@...-tx.us ph: 254-865-8951

      Within the above email address are the City Council Members:

      Ms. Lucille Plane Ward 1, Place 3
      Mr. Darren Moore 2 5
      Mr. Jimmy Knox 1 1
      Mr. Billy Landua 2 4
      Mr. Carl Kietzer 2 6

      Also, at the same, above email address is the Mayor of Gatesville, Texas

      The Honorable Mayor, James E. Erwin

      *for the reader's own review: www.ci.gatesville.tx.us/government.htm

      The Federal Government / Senators are:

      The Honorable Phil Gramm
      email: Phil.Gramm@...

      The Honorable Kay Baily Hutchinson

      State of Texas Senator
      Honorable Troy Frazier
      Fax: 254-939-7611 (Belton, Tx.)

      I wrote on 11.2.01, the Publisher of THE GATESVILLE MESSENGER, Mr. Marshall
      Day, describing what I saw on my first trip to the 'animal pound' and sent
      him several pictures of the unconscionable and tragic Gatesville 'animal
      pound.' (***there has been no response)

      Please issue emails:

      Mr. Marshall Day
      The Gatesville Messenger
      Gatesville, Texas
      email: publisher@...

      Mr. Larry Kennedy
      The Gatesville Messenger
      email: editor@...

      send Letters to the Editor

      email: editor@...
      (*letters must include a daytime phone number and home address) *(we need
      volumes of emails) (to all)

      (we will monitor the newspaper)

      ***Please write / 'cc' the wonderful individuals at our Texas Department of
      Health, Zoonosis Control Division; their names were given to me by a
      wonderful and most devoted individual to animal rights, Mr. Robert L. "Skip"

      Ms. Jane Mahlow, DVM, MS
      Zoonosis Control Division
      email: Jane.Mahlow@...
      web site for an excellent review: www.tdh.state.tx.us/zoonosis

      Mr. Jay Sabatucci
      Zoonosis Control Division
      email: Jay.Sabatucci@...

      *also visit: www.sheltercoalition.com
      *also review: TEXAS HUMANE LEGISLATION NETWORK (a great group)

      web site: www.thln.com

      The Gatesville 'animal pound' is a gruesome sight; it, to me is like ...
      'entering the gates of hell.' When the City is made respectfully aware of
      such atrocious conditions it is my belief they will change everything at
      their 'city pound,' as everything is unacceptable - because everything is
      done behind closed doors!

      Thank you,

      Jerry Elmore Layne
      1917 Austin Avenue,
      Waco, Texas 76701
      Phone: 254-757-1682
      Fax 1683
      email: JLayne3636@...

      Jamie J. Knight
      Protecting The Innocents
      Sign up for PTI News/Updates List:

      The E-Activists

      "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do
      are in harmony." --Mahatma Gandhi

      "The power of one is to do something...anything." --Unknown

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