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RE: [helpinghands4theneedy] New Proposals

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  • Ranjan, Phani
    Hi Jagannadha, Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions. The issue in these cases is as they are proposed form third party, it needs more time to get the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 14, 2011

      Hi Jagannadha,


                      Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions. The issue in these cases is as they are proposed form third party, it needs more time to get the authenticity of the problem. Also it would be difficult to even find the people without proper contact in cities unlike in small towns we can directly go or send someone to the colleges and check directly. I will try to get more details as much as I can and we go further go ahead if they are genuine.


      Meanwhile I think Ravi also will try to contact and find more about them.



      Phani Ranjan


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      Hi Phani,

      I think we can support the following amounts for the below candidates based on the funds available in our account.


      1. Zilan Basha Rs. 5000/-

      2. Zaveed Fakru Rs. 7000/-

      3. Netra Rs. 9650/-

      4. Divya Rs. 8650/-

      I think we might have to rethink on providing funds to Divya for her CA course.


      Also Tally is a famous accounting software and may not be part of academic course. So need to think again on supporting Priyanka and Jayalakshmi



      On Dec 5, 2011, at 8:48 PM, "Ranjan, Phani" <pranjan@...> wrote:


      Hi All,


                      Please find below the proposals got to Ravi. These students are yet to be contacted and verified further from the information below. Please let me know your views on supporting the same also if you can dig more details it will be helpful.



      Phani Ranjan


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      Sorry Phani,

      I forgot to paste the details last time...but got this information from third party....will try and verify if these are true from your end.

      You also try from there to verify if the information is right as most of them are from Banglore and anantapur.


      1. Zilan Basha, studying at Tadipatri in II PUC, parents belongs to weavers' group suffered heavy losses and not having proper sources to educate him. He got 90% in X std and 85% in I PUC. The fee for the present year is Rs.5000/-

      2. Zaveed, Fakru's son joined to I BTech. in ATP- SVIT college, under Minority Merit channel, with Rs.7000/- fee for I year, which is also a burden for them, as they suffered losses (weavers), and lost all parental property and now are in Bangalore, trying to get settled here as her younger sister shown a little way. Because of city's expenses it is difficult for her to bear the fee. Apart from college fee, the bus fee is Rs.6000/-

      3. Priyanka, and Jayalakshmi are now in III Bcom, stays in Abalashram. Now they need to join Tally course in a computer centre as there is no teaching for that subject in their college. Regular college fee is borne by Abalashram. This course is Rs.5000/- each.

      4. Netra, is now in III Bcom, got 78% in II Bcom, daughter of Greens Vendor and mother is a house maid. They are staying in a small room given by the owners and as they gave the room, the mother is not getting any salary. Her fee is Rs.9650/- , Vasavi degree college, Basavangdi, Bangalore.

      5. Divya, younger sister of Netra, got 80% in II PUC and joined to I Bcom in BMS women's college, Basavangudi. Her fee is Rs.8650/- She also wants to do CA course. The fee is Rs.12000/-





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      New Proposals

      Ok ra fine.. pampu.. but try to check more details from your friends or family don’t trust any third party J



      Phani Ranjan


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      Subject: Re: [helpinghands4theneedy]
      New Proposals


      Phani ,


      I have got some information of some needy people in terms of education, just can this information be checked and proposal placed in our group to collect funds and help.





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