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322Financial assistance required

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  • Phani Ranjan
    Aug 20 5:39 AM

    Hi All,


    Please find attached resume of Suneel who is studying his degree and supported by some of the govt college lecturers as he opted out to drop studies because he could not meet his financial limits. This request was made to my brother from other lecturer to help him in continuing his studies. He looks like good at studies and also has advantage of reservation.


    I have put a query regarding this support as govt will be providing most of his expenses because of reservation and why he requires assistance from others? I am yet to hear back from this guy and will be talking to him once he is in touch with me. He has asked for 5K support but needs to give  justification as despite getting scholarship why he requires.


    Please provide you inputs for this case.



    Phani Ranjan


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    Thanks & Regards
    Phani Ranjan


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