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a cause of Horrible Headaches

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  • Margaret Diann
    Why horrible headaches when there is no brain tumor? A primary cause of HORRIBLE HEADACHES, abnormal blood sugar, body temp, BP & loss of vision .... & loss of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2008

      Why horrible headaches when there is no brain tumor?

      A primary cause of HORRIBLE HEADACHES, abnormal blood sugar, body temp, BP

      & loss of vision .... & loss of hearing   * ... & loss of sense of taste/smell   *


      Question ... what would be causing the horrible headaches ... even continuing until after the brain tumor was removed and non recurring for 5 years (it was a pituitary tumor). posted by shais  brain tumor

      I don't expect an answer, as my views would not be 'run of the mill' and will likely be discarded.

      I have noticed that there is a very common chemical exposure that causes flu symptoms when people get exposed to it. Research says BUTYL (or most common form, 2-butoxyethanol) causes serious harm to blood and blood forming organs, damages kidneys and liver, and causes leukemia, brain tumors, tumors and cancers about anywhere.

      It is easy to be exposed as it is a pesticide too strong even in home cleaning products; it is in paint; it is in dry cleaning and plastics manufacturing; AND you can be exposed 'second hand' if you are too near someone who is overexposed and breathing the chemical in their respiration to get into your eyes.

      I suspect if headaches that are pretty horrible do not subside (has nothing to do with brain tumor the majority of the time) ... then there is a serious likelihood of continued exposure, And add on symptoms like that of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, CFS, FM, ME. (Exact variation of no concern). This chemical causes the body to go autoimmune
      *, and the numbers on blood work can go above or below normal and be what this chemical can do.

      With real severe exposure other cancers, especially pancreatic cancer show up, which is what happened for my friend. And happened in 2008 for Ron Davis, MD, for Randy Pausch, PhD, who have died this year (more probably from the anemia than from the cancer per se), and now Patrick Swayze is seriously ill


      Medical science should also list exposure to 2-butoxyethanol for causing flu symptoms ... should realize that for this group of people a high white blood cell count is another anemia sign, not an infection nor lymphoma necessarily; that what is often blamed on one of the side effects (elevated blood sugar or diabetes) is simply that ... a side effect of exposure to 2-butoxyethanol exposure either now or in the family background. This chemical should also be looked into for cause of many birth defects (it is a teratogen chemical). It affects so many parts of the body, (Where it shows up first is irrelevant) not metastasis! The worst pesticide our Soldiers have been (& are being) exposed to... as well as civilians. No wonder the epidemiology lines are becoming so blurred

      I suspect degenerative discs are an advance autoimmune issue ... after the fatigue/anemia gets pretty serious. http://www.valdezlink.com/re/discussdegenerativediscs.htm

      ... and I suspect it is the cause of 'gulf war syndrome' and the primary cause of harm to the Vietnam Vets, etc, etc  http://www.valdezlink.com/re/achemicaltosuspect.htm  Those who studied the harm to our Vietnam vets got the 'list of what ails them right, but did not find the PRIMARY cause of harm

      These are my opinions based on looking at groups with known and suspected exposure. For those with DIRECT exposure and THE Fatigue ... that is the very proof that Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether or similar chemical is the cause of ALL that ails them.

      Generally the fatigue is not found, *

      but it can be  *

      December 23, 2008

      a cause of horrible headaches


      Degenerative Disk Disease - Autoimmune !  *

      Is Cancer secondary to THE Anemia?  *

      Find the Anemia *

      Look into glycobiology for help  *

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