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  • samaralee25
    Mar 10, 2013
      I thought i best send a post saying that second time since 2007 i am off all drugs for my collitis which has been so bad at times 8 pentasa a day wasn't working and even prendizone started to be less efficient!

      I'm at the stage i was at after 6 month of T.S.O a couple of years ago....then somehow killed the worm balance after a week off drugs, got a cold and was taking a herbal tincture (unbeknown to me to kill worms)

      Now it's been a year since starting Human Whip worm and i'm feeling amazing, off drugs as of 2 weeks, hoping to hold my helminth communtity and monitor keeping an amazing quality of life i have back!!

      I can't say enough to WORMIES, and to my provider who has been soo helpful and sticking next to me through the really tuff road it can be, as lots of us know.

      VERY HAPPY helminth host,
      thanking them everyday i wake up!!!!
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