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6395Re: Side effects of top-up doses?

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  • jascallaw
    Jan 20, 2011

      With hookworm subsequent doses are much better tolerated, while with whipworm what one sees instead of the usual side effects are sometimes, but always temporary, flares of other symptoms. So, people who take whipworm will see their allergies worsen, or if they suffer from herpes (usually only if they suffer frequent or severe out breaks) they may see a worsening of out breaks and an increase in their frequency.

      But these are generalisations and most people don't see side effects, beyond a few loose stools and some mild fatigue for hookworm, and brief episodes of abdominal pain and some diarrhoea for whipworm.

      Of course for the minority who experience worse side effects things can be very unpleasant, this risk increases with the size of dose, and varies with gender and other risk factors we have identified and deal with on our questionnaire for new clients.

      With hookworm the rule of thumb is that top up doses will cause milder side effects, and get established much faster than the original dose. With whipworm milder side effects but one may see a return of disease symptoms (milder than before starting therapy) with the exception of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's symptoms which don't seem to return as often, allergies and asthma seem the most likely to come back temporarily.

      Then the issue of herpes outbreaks, that is only associated with whipworm to our knowledge. But people tend to keep that information to themselves, it is the one area on our Questionnaire where we know people routinely lie to us. After whipworm herpes outbreaks worsen for about three months before returning to the pattern seen before taking whipworm, and this fits neatly with the period of the innate immune response to any new infection.

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      > Greetings!
      > Question for those who have had "top up" doses of hookworm and/or whipworm: Were side effects you experienced not as pronounced, or worse? I'm getting a booster of both in just over a week and wondering what others have experienced.
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