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5717Re: constipation after TTO

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  • Mike
    Oct 19, 2010

      I'm really glad to see someone with TT mention this. I just wrote about this in my most recent blog post.


      I've been infected with TT for over 4 months now, and although have seen really great results, I've been constipated somewhat frequently over the past two months.

      In fact, last week I went two full days without a bowel movement because of constipation. I was actually pretty happy about this, despite the cramping from being unable to pass a BM.

      One thing that can be helpful is to take liquid magnesium like "Calm" which you mix with hot water--helps soften the stools, and helpful if you have some underlying mag deficiency from years of IBD.

      I assume over time this will balance out.


      --- In helminthictherapy@yahoogroups.com, "Helminthic Therapy" <helminthictherapy@...> wrote:
      > So maybe the TT are working too well but 60 days after ingesting 2500 trichuris trichiura ova, I am now experiencing constipation. I haven't changed my diet but the stool is actually so solid, it's extremely difficult to excrete. Did anyone else experience this? Short of taking laxatives, what do you do to soften stool on a regular basis? Any idea why TT would cause constipation? Is that normal? Any advice would be very appreciated.
      > Thanks a lot.
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