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5079Re: Question about symptom roller coaster

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  • Mike
    Jul 15, 2010
      Although my response might not be as related, since I'm hosting human whipworm, not hookworm, for ulcerative colitis, I too went through (and am still to some extent) this immune system roller coaster.

      I inoculated 25 days ago, and over the past few weeks have had some brief flare-ups of various allergic responses, sore throat, stuffy nose, redness on my neck, nothing major, just abnormal. Why this is most bizarre is that I have almost no allergies normally, just the inflammatory bowel disease. Things have quieted down now though.

      Good luck!

      - Mike

      --- In helminthictherapy@yahoogroups.com, Dayna Dunbar <daynadunbar@...> wrote:
      > I was inoculated with hookworm on May 5 of this year. I felt an increase in
      > symptoms (severe eczema) after about 2 days, which lasted for 3 or 4 days,
      > then I felt better than I had before inoculation for a little while. After
      > that, things seemed to return to the ³normal² of consistent symptoms but in
      > the last three weeks or so, I have felt a real reduction of symptoms and
      > increase in food tolerance and energy for several days followed by a
      > backslide to my previous ³normal² in these areas. I know it¹s still early in
      > my treatment, but I also know that, during the times I feel better, it is a
      > marked improvement from the previous nine years, which makes me truly
      > believe that the worms are already making an impact. My question is this:
      > Has anyone else had this roller coaster ride of feeling much better then
      > feeling worse again? I¹d love to hear your experiences to try to make sense
      > of what I¹m going through.
      > Thank you,
      > Dayna
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