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10693Re: Allergies/Asthma AND Autoimmune Diseases

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  • john_scott107
    Jul 29, 2014
      Hi Rachel

      I'm replying, firstly, to your questions about how HT might affect the Th1/Th2 balance. 

      Parasitic infections increase the population of regulatory T-cells, or TREGs, (http://maizelsgroup.biology.ed.ac.uk/regulatory-t-cells-parasite-infection) and the TREGs control the excesses of BOTH Th1 and Th2 cells. This is why hookworms can be effective against both allergies AND autoimmune diseases. 

      Also, the action of helminths is more a case of modulation, or quieting, rather than either suppressing or stimulating the immune system as steroids and biologics do. The ‘intention’ of helminths is simply to control those specific immune responses that would otherwise harm them, while leaving other aspects of immunity unaffected.   

      In the words of Elliott & Weinstock:

      "Thus, for helminths to modulate disease activity in a large number of patients with a wide range of diseases, one would expect that helminths possess the capacity to simultaneously, selectively, and/or sequentially modulate various immune regulatory pathways."

      It needs to be borne in mind that understanding of exactly what helminths do and how they do it is still rather limited. Again, from Elliott & Weinstock:

      "Helminths are complex, multicellular animals that modulate and, at times, completely evade host immunity. In most circumstances, little is known regarding the molecular signals exchanged between helminth and host to mediate this process. Even less is known about which helminth products influence disease and how they work."

      Regarding your question as to whether there is any information about others with allergies/asthma AND an autoimmune disease who have received HT, I would point you in the direction of the Success Stories document in our Files section. There you will find a few examples of others with a variety of autoimmune diseases who have seen their allergies reduce as well as their main disease. For example:

      “After starting HT (Whipworms) my UC is completely gone, so is my asthma, and my allergies and hypoglycemia as well."

      "... its been just over three years since receiving hookworm therapy and... my MS and allergies are still in complete remission!"

      “I feel like I got my magic wish and my RA and allergies went away.”

      I'm sure there are many more who have experienced relief from asthma or allergies as well as an autoimmune disease, but there are unlikely to be many, if any at all, who are still following this board. One of the features of forums like this is that members tend, unsurprisingly, to leave once they regain their health, with the result that we aren't able to question them about the details of their success. This is why we have the Success Stories document, to present the reports posted by the few who have taken the trouble to give us details before leaving to resume their lives.
      Best - John

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