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No Room For Hate

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  • Huma
    [image: www.NiceFun.net] http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/vfun/join * [No Room
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
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      [image: www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/>

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      * [No Room <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vfun/join> For

      [image: www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/>

      There is no room within my heart
      for revenge, fire or hate
      there is no room within my mind
      for any thoughts like these. <http://nicefun.net/> [image:
      cannot find the words to say
      just how it is I feel
      but I know from deepest hurt
      I must forgiveness find. <http://nicefun.net/> The hurt
      that¢s<http://nicefun.net/> [image:
      www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/> <http://nicefun.net/> been done to
      cuts sore like a knife,
      but we must not, repay in kind
      what has been done to us. <http://nicefun.net/>
      [image: www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/> <http://nicefun.net/>
      Instead we must try and find
      the way that is so hard,
      and reach out our loving hands
      to find some friendship now. <http://nicefun.net/> [image:
      There can be no more healing thing
      than opening wide our eyes
      and seeing that most other folk
      are really just like us. <http://nicefun.net/>

      [image: www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/> <http://nicefun.net/>

      David wrote this poem a year after his step daughter was killed in the London
      Bombings of 2005 <http://nicefun.net/>

      [image: www.NiceFun.net] <http://nicefun.net/>
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