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  • franklin_newhart
    Well this is the next step in the Geneology game. First i have to tell you who I am. I am Barb Newhart s Husband. Barb is George Hein s Daughter and George
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2009
      Well this is the next step in the Geneology game. First i have to tell you who I am. I am Barb Newhart's Husband. Barb is George Hein's Daughter and George is Otto Hein's Oldest Son. Barb had lost contact with a lot of her relatives and as time passes the next generation get's born. If the History of the Canadian west is to survive it will do that by remebering the stories of the preceeding generations. And most of all families will spread out but there will still be a connection to roots and family.

      Why am I dong this instead of Barb? well I have become disabled and spend most of my time at the computer now anyways so why not do something usefull. You will notice sometimes though that my typing has something to be desired. That is because of my arthritus. Just live with it. I do.

      I want to suggest some things to people that join. This is not just for the family decended from Daniel Hein. it just starts there. Any other Hein family not connected with Daniel Hein is welcome. In the files section I have set up a file tree for Daniel Hein and Frieda Balko. In that tree I have extended it to Otto Hein. Daniel had other children as well and they will be add also as I get the correct info on them. i will be creating files for each of Otto's Children but thereafter it is up to the members to put things in the right place. These files are where I would like you to put scaned copies of things like Birth announcments, birthday cards. Birth registrations, marriages, death announcements and anything important that you want to say about the person that file is for.

      For the Heins that are not of this liniege Please start your own tree the same way. Starting with your oldest know Ancestors and building the tree down through your generation to you. And then send invites out to your family to join. This way we can build a web structure and trace it back to Russia and the Odessa area the Heins originated from.

      if you have any questions then please ask and I will do my best to reserch your question and give a valid answer.
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