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22779Re: Phenomenology of Spirit Preface # 67

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  • logik1002000
    Aug 20, 2014
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       Dear Group,
      As we normally do in deductive reasoning we sometimes think we are philosophizing.  We tend to dogmatize traditional truths and then we exhibit hubris about them.  We must, as Hegel says in his Philosophy of Right, let the Owl of Minerva take off exhibiting 'true philosophical thinking.'  Philosophy will then take on the serious business that is its due.  As in other areas of human endeavor, in 'science, art, skill, and handicraft,' we must take the time and trouble to produce philosophical knowledge.  Many think that since they have the simple power of reasoning, they are qualified to offer philosophical opinion.  Hegel sums this 'opinion' up; " It is commonly held to be a formal kind of knowledge devoid of all substantial content."  That is, one would philosophize without any substantial interacting information.  One would do this without Hegel's System of Dialectic Reasoning and all would be truth.  Thus, there is no real living truth or spirit in what we would offer with just this kind of deductive reasoning.  We need Hegel's System, which is not abstract.  Philosophizing in this way interprets empirical knowledge so that it becomes real science.
      Bob Fanelli



      It seems that you are not enough critical discussing this paragraph. Hegel not only believes that philosophy cannot merely be deductive with some given not further reflected truth (with what we could perhaps agree), but that there is no substantial (inhaltliche) truth in particular sciences and common knowledge and belief without philosophy makes it true, that is, produces it. That is, I suppose, a tough nut to crack, even if you assume different kinds of truth.



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