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34282Re: [Heathkit:Yahoo] Looking for an IG-42 meter in working order.

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  • Roberto Salazar
    Jul 5, 2014
      Greetings from Central America.

      Since no responses were received to my previous question below, to obtain an original meter replacement to restore this old IG-42.
      Can I ask what could be a good replacement meter for this signal generator?
      Was thinking in buying a similar one (Chinese maybe), obtain a nice picture of an original meter (if someone is willing to help me on this) adjust the image to the new meter and print it out to be pasted on the new meter face.

      Does it sound crazy?
      If not... What kind of meter should I look for?

      Many thanks in advance.
      73 de Rob.

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      On Jul 1, 2014, at 11:14 PM, "Roberto Salazar ys1rs@... [heathkit]" <heathkit@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Recently I purchased a nice IG-42 Laboratory Signal Generator here locally in YS land from the state of a SK friend of mine who passed away months ago.
      I have restored it with lots of TLC as my SK friend would have loved seen it. Family had it in a big pile of old equipment fully neglected. 

      The IG-42 does not have the original meter. Does anyone here have an original IG-42 meter (part number Heathkit 407-25)? 
      It is important for me to fully restore this as I will use it to restore and align an SB-101, an MR-1 and also an MT-1.
      To find this part here in YS is completely impossible.

      Thanks for your help. 

      73 de Rob

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