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34281Re: [Heathkit:Yahoo] Re: Soldering, aka Soldering Guns (and a good buy on one)

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  • Donald Spoon
    Jul 5, 2014
      Hi Phil, et. al.

      One of the more useful soldering aids I recently purchased was the
      Weller "Portasol P2KC", a self-igniting soldering iron. It runs on
      Butane and the set comes with multiple tips for a variety of jobs.
      Despite its small size it can handle a PL- coax plug! It heats
      relativey rapidly and a single charge of Butane gives you over an hour
      to "soldering time".... That is a LOT!! It easily fits into a shirt
      pocket, etc... great for antenna work outside!! It is NOT a "one size
      fits all" solution, and I still have/use my Weller Soldering Guns, but
      if you are working without access to electricity, you can't beat it! I
      never leave home without it! <grin>


      On 7/5/2014 1:57 PM, dgminala@... [heathkit] wrote:
      > Hi, Phil,
      > To answer your question about how soldering guns work, most soldering
      > guns have a transformer having a low voltage/high current secondary.
      > The secondary of the transformer is, of course, connected to the gun's
      > tip, which is the transformer's load. Having a very low resistance,
      > very high current flows through the tip, which causes it to get quite hot.
      > In respect to the handle slant on your gun, I see that Harbor Freight
      > has two models of that gun, one with the handle slanting toward the
      > front of the gun, the other model has the handle slanting rearward.
      > they were probably adjacent to each other on the shelf, and you picked
      > the one with the front-facing handle. I see that they're both on sale
      > right now at $14.99 each.
      > The Weller guns are hard to beat, and seem to hold their value for a
      > long time. I have one of each model. I bought the first, the model
      > 8200, in the late 50s, and still works. I bought my model 550 when I
      > worked at a Motorola 2-way radio shop in Florida. It's had a rough life,
      > but still works well. The Weller guns only drawback is the brittle
      > Bakelite case. Drop it onto a hard floor and you have to get out a roll
      > of duck tape or a tube of epoxy and try to piece it back together.
      > Cheers,
      > Dave M
      > ---In heathkit@yahoogroups.com, <ko6bb1@...> wrote :
      > Hi All,
      > My first "soldering gun" was a red 100Watt Wen that my father bought for
      > my birthday somewhere around 1954 or so. Before that I'd been using a
      > Wood burning set that I put a soldering tip in. I don't know what he
      > paid for it, but it was the cheapest soldering gun you could buy at the
      > time, and was vastly superior to the wood burning tool. I used it for
      > maybe 15 years or so until somebody I was stationed with in the Air
      > Force thought they needed it more than I did. I built MANY Heathkits
      > and other electronic stuff with it.
      > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      > Anyway, how does the soldering gun work? So far it seems to be good, it
      > heats quickly and gets HOT, and has a light to see the work. I suspect
      > that in actual use I'll have to "ride" the trigger or it'll probably get
      > too hot for most work (but then the Wen and My small Weller were only
      > 100W). They call it an "Industrial Soldering Gun", but I suspect that
      > in true Industrial use (high duty cycle) the transformer would probably
      > heat up too much. But for occasional home use is MORE than adequate.
      > The one thing I DON'T care about is the cockeyed handle, The Weller and
      > Wen gun handles both sloped slightly to the back. This one is angled
      > towards the front a bit, making it a little bit awkward, but maybe it'd
      > become "natural" if one used it a lot.
      > OK, now about Heathkit specifically (so somebody can't say I got
      > completely OT).
      > --
      > 73 de Phil, KO6BB
      > http://www.qsl.net/ko6bb/ (Web Page)
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