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34280Re: [Heathkit:Yahoo] Re: Soldering, aka Soldering Guns (and a good buy on one)

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  • Kevin Doheny
    Jul 5 12:20 PM
      Sounds like a bad tip.
      I've had my 6200N forever, and never had that happen.

      'Ray, W4BYG' w4byg@... [heathkit] wrote:

      I can't say I'm a fan of my relatively new Weller 6200N gun.  The lower rod on the tip assembly glows cherry red in the middle of it and warps as you try to use it.  Thus the tip barely gets hot enough to solder PL259 connectors, making it a longer process than it should be.  
      I have found my old Wen soldering gun to be much faster and far more dependable.  Plus the tips are much more substantial.

      Ray, W4BYG

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      Hi, Phil,
      To answer your question about how soldering guns work, most soldering guns have a transformer having a low voltage/high current secondary.  The secondary of the transformer is, of course, connected to the gun's tip, which is the transformer's load.  Having a very low resistance, very high current flows through the tip, which causes it to get quite hot.
      In respect to the handle slant on your gun, I see that Harbor Freight has two models of that gun, one with the handle slanting toward the front of the gun, the other model has the handle slanting rearward.  they were probably adjacent to each other on the shelf, and you picked the one with the front-facing handle.  I see that they're both on sale right now at $14.99 each.

      The Weller guns are hard to beat, and seem to hold their value for a long time.  I have one of each model.  I bought the first, the model 8200, in the late 50s, and still works. I bought my model 550 when I worked at a Motorola 2-way radio shop in Florida. It's had a rough life, but still works well. The Weller guns only drawback is the brittle Bakelite case.  Drop it onto a hard floor and you have to get out a roll of duck tape or a tube of epoxy and try to piece it back together.

      Dave M

      ---In heathkit@yahoogroups.com, <ko6bb1@...> wrote :

      Hi All,
      My first "soldering gun" was a red 100Watt Wen that my father bought for
      my birthday somewhere around 1954 or so. Before that I'd been using a
      Wood burning set that I put a soldering tip in. I don't know what he
      paid for it, but it was the cheapest soldering gun you could buy at the
      time, and was vastly superior to the wood burning tool. I used it for
      maybe 15 years or so until somebody I was stationed with in the Air
      Force thought they needed it more than I did. I built MANY Heathkits
      and other electronic stuff with it.

      Anyway, how does the soldering gun work? So far it seems to be good, it
      heats quickly and gets HOT, and has a light to see the work. I suspect
      that in actual use I'll have to "ride" the trigger or it'll probably get
      too hot for most work (but then the Wen and My small Weller were only
      100W). They call it an "Industrial Soldering Gun", but I suspect that
      in true Industrial use (high duty cycle) the transformer would probably
      heat up too much. But for occasional home use is MORE than adequate.

      The one thing I DON'T care about is the cockeyed handle, The Weller and
      Wen gun handles both sloped slightly to the back. This one is angled
      towards the front a bit, making it a little bit awkward, but maybe it'd
      become "natural" if one used it a lot.
      OK, now about Heathkit specifically (so somebody can't say I got
      completely OT).
      73 de Phil, KO6BB
      http://www.qsl.net/ko6bb/ (Web Page)

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