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34268Re: [Heathkit:Yahoo] Waveform characteristics of an SG-8 RF signal generator?

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  • Don Peterson
    Jul 4, 2014
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      This is normal.  The SG-8 does not have a sine wave RF output.  This is the reason that you can use the harmonics of the RF output to reach into higher bands.  

      Regarding the modulation, clean the switches thoroughly with a good quality contact cleaner.  You may as well clean the band switch and output attenuator as well.

      On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 8:54 AM, 'Ray, W4BYG' w4byg@... [heathkit] <heathkit@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I have an SG-8 picked up from a hamfest. 
      I brought it up slowly with a variable AC supply.   It works after a fashion, but looking at the waveforms on my Tektronix 485, the SG-8 thru the various ranges, produces substantial waveform distortions mostly in the bottom half of the cycle, often showing a double hump or dip there.   This is with the output terminated or unterminated.  I do not see any significant low frequency hum in it's output. 
      Is this a normal characteristic of the SG-8?  Or, is there some suspect component that needs to be looked at?
      Also, the internal modulation doesn't seem to be working. 
      Tube substitutions doesn't seem to help.
      Any experienced suggestions?
      Your attention is appreciated.
      Ray, W4BYG

      Don Peterson
      Data Professionals
      7172 Regional Street
      PMB 268
      Dublin, CA  94568


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