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34267Re: Waveform characteristics of an SG-8 RF signal generator?

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  • commquart
    Jul 4 9:34 AM
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      The SG-8 is not a lab grade instrument, nor does it have a calibrated output level.

      Heath used a lot of feedback in the design, resulting in considerable waveform distortion on all of the tuning ranges.  the waveform is showing harmonic energy, which is only really desirable on the higher two ranges, where the second harmonic is used for the highest tuning range.

      The internal modulation should work, but again, the modulated waveform will be crap due to the design limitations of the generator. 

      Don't expect a bargain basement kit to perform as well as a service shop or lab grade instrument.. and don't expect anything that Heath labelled as "lab grade" to be based on reality.... the SG-8 is a very basic instrument, with many limitations.


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