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Water The Essence of Life

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  • Karen Fullick
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Karen Fullick See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This email is
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Karen Fullick
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      Water The Essence of Life

      Article Description:

      Nutrition is an essential part of health and weight
      loss/control and the feeling of well being. I believe that
      understanding some of this will help you to start making
      beneficial changes to your diet. So let's tackle the
      subject of water.

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      Written By: Karen Fullick
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      Water The Essence of Life
      Copyright (c) 2009 Karen Fullick
      Free The Slim You

      Lets tackle nutrition!

      Nutrition is an essential part of health and weight loss/control
      and the feeling of wellbeing.

      I believe that understanding some of this will help you to start
      making beneficial changes to your diet.

      So let's tackle the subject of water.

      Water - The Essence Of Life

      For some reason a lot of people do not like drinking water unless
      it is mixed with fruit squash, tea or coffee. Mixed with these
      substances it dilutes it's health value.

      So I will start by going over the reasons we should drink water
      and plenty of it - at least 1.5 ltrs per day and more if you have
      exercised or done anything that has made you sweat.

      Benefits - The Scientific Bit:

      * Water is essential for life

      * Regulates body temperature

      * Transports nutrients around the body

      * Involved in every stage of digestion

      * Carries waste products out of the body

      * Enables the formation of cells and tissues

      * Provides a medium in which metabolism occurs

      * Sends messages between our cells so that our muscles can

      * Protects the nervous system

      * Carries oxygen and carbon dioxide round the body

      * Forms lubricant for joints and membranes

      How cool is that!

      Things You Need To Know:

      * At the point we feel thirsty our body is already dehydrated.

      * Often when we feel hungry we are really thirsty.

      * The colour of our urine is a clear indicator of our body water

      If it is a light straw colour we are hydrated if it is any darker
      we are dehydrated. The darker the colour the more dehydrated we

      How Can We Adjust To Drinking Water:

      If you can drink water - go ahead and drink at least 1.5 ltrs a

      For those of you who struggle to drink water there is a correct
      way of doing this that makes it quite easy.

      SIP your water regularly throughout the day. You will soon be
      able to consume your daily allowance.

      Do not drink a full glass of water all at once as this will just
      go straight through your system and you will be running to the
      toilet all day. Even when exercising you should SIP.

      Build up your water intake if you are not used to it. Any amount
      of pure water will be beneficial to you.

      Drink a glass of water 30 mins before eating - you will eat less.

      Karen Fullick - Nutritional Therapist

      Tip Of The Day

      Water will make your skin, hair and complexion look and feel
      great. If you cannot drink it on it's own drink it in herbal
      teas - It has the same effect!

      My name is Karen, I have been a successful business woman for
      many years and I now own and run my own company. After losing 49
      pounds / 22 kilos I have written a series of reports documenting
      my weight loss journey in which time I qualified as a Nutritional
      Therapist and made an amazing discovery to Fast, Effortless,
      Permanent, Weight Loss. To receive your free reports click
      on the following link: http://www.freetheslimyou.com/

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