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Omega 3 EPA: Nature’s Very Own Anti-Depressant

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  • Dave Mcevoy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
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      Please consider this free-reprint article written by: Dave

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      Article Title: Omega 3 EPA: Nature�s Very Own Anti-Depressant
      Author: Dave Mcevoy
      Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet
      Word Count: 880
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      ------------------ ARTICLE START ------------------
      Since Dr Malcolm Peet, a consultant psychiatrist at Sheffield
      swallow court hospital released his findings about the effects
      of Ethyl Epa and its effects on people suffering from
      depression and low moods, many other studies have been
      performed using Ethyl Epa to help treat depression and related
      disorders. The vast majority of the studies that have been
      performed consistently confirmed that Ethyl Epa, a natural
      substance found in omega 3 fish oil, helps relieve depression
      and low moods.

      The idea that high grade omega 3 EPA could be used to help
      combat depression and other related disorders came from the
      late Dr Horribin, who as early as the 1970s was a pioneer in
      lipid research involving the brain and central nervous system.
      Since the findings at Sheffield, studies have been conducted
      round the world, Harvard university 1999, London Hammersmith
      hospital 2001 and Israel Ben Gurion University 2002 to name
      but a few.

      EPA As Part Of A Healthy Diet

      EPA is part of the Omega 3 chain of ecosanoids and is most
      commonly found in fatty fish such as fresh salmon, mackerel,
      pilchards and sardines. Over the past 100 years the diet
      patterns of most people in the west has shifted dramatically to
      include far more hydrogenated oils and Trans fatty acids (bad
      fats) this is largely due to the increased consumption of fast
      food and ready made meals. Even people who think they eat a
      healthy diet consume way too much omega 6 and not enough omega

      Researchers have recently found that a diet high in Tran�s
      fatty acids could affect the mood stabilizing hormones within
      the brain, this is thought to be due to the saturated fats
      slowing down the messaging system within the brain, should this
      happen then the onset of depression could occur.

      How Does EPA Work?

      While the benefits of high grade EPA have been well documented,
      the scientific community still don�t know exactly how EPA works
      on the brain, one theory released by Dr Basant Puri is that it
      eases the passage of the signals over the tiny gaps in the
      brain called synapses. Another theory was that the high Grade
      Epa actually worked similar to lithium and had anti depressant
      properties of its own.

      Until recently it was widely accepted in the medical community
      that once a human reached maturity that the adult brain could
      not grow anymore, in a recent paper just released by Dr Puri
      his findings show other wise. Dr Puri scanned a 21 year patient
      before treating him with high grade Pure Epa, after the course
      of treatment he rescanned the young man only to find that the
      grey matter of the brain had increased in size.

      Omega 3 EPA And The Body

      As well as EPA being very good for helping to balance mood it
      has other well documented effects on the body, these included:-

      � Blood thinning properties
      � Decrease risk of heart attack
      � Decrease growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque
      � Slightly lower blood pressure

      There is also some limited scientific evidence to show that
      high grade EPA has helped people suffering from:-

      � Bipolar disorder
      � PMS
      � Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME
      � Huntington�s disease
      � Fibromyalgia
      � Obsessive compulsive disorder
      � Schizophrenia
      � ADHD
      � ADD

      Although more research needs to be done in these areas, the
      current evidence looks very promising.

      EPA Versus DHA

      Omega 3 fish oil contains another omega 3 nutrient called DHA,
      there is a currently a controversial argument as to which omega
      3 nutrient is the more beneficial in dealing with depression and
      related disorders. This Argument is born from doctors who have
      used high grade Epa , Horribin, Puri and Peet They claim that
      the higher the ratio of Epa to Dha the more effective the
      results have been, just recently Dr Andrew Stoll has also come
      out in support of this theory.

      EPA From Food

      Any good doctor or nutritionist will tell you that the best way
      to get any nutrient is to eat a very balanced diet of the
      correct amount of carbohydrates , protein and omega essential
      fatty acids. In the case of Omega 3 epa this would be in the
      form of fish, unfortunately due to the high concentration
      levels of epa needed to obtain a therapeutic dose you would
      have to consume a large amount of oily fish daily and sadly due
      to the pollution levels found in our oceans today this is not

      Omega 3 Epa can also be found in high doses in certain fish oil
      supplements, when choosing a fish oil supplement you should
      choose only the fish oil of the highest quality it should
      also have as high an EPA to DHA ratio as possible,for maximum
      therapeutic effect.


      The large majority of scientific trails using high grade Omega
      3 Ethyl Epa point towards this natural oil being very
      beneficial for many conditions. The argument about the DHA
      rages on and probably will until some solid scientific
      evidence is presented to us .In the mean time a product with a
      high EPA to DHA ratio is considered more beneficial by some
      leading UK doctors.

      About The Author: Dave mcevoy: A great resource for high grade
      omega 3 Ethly EPA, with a 90% concentrate of EPA and Zero DHA
      visit http://www.mind1st.co.uk
      ------------------ ARTICLE END ------------------

      For more free-reprint articles by Dave Mcevoy please visit:
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