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tn pot and fyi.. new groups with you in mind

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  • R.J. Baynum
    Fowarded.. also please stop by thses new groups.. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/420_blues http://groups.yahoo.com/group420_photographers
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      also please stop by thses new groups..






      "Matthew W. Pittaway" <matthewwp@...> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert To: "'Matthew W. Pittaway'" <matthewwp@...> Subject: 2006 - visions Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:25:40 -0600 [input] [input] [input] [input] Dear friends and family,

      This letter goes out to all who have supported us over the last year in kind deeds, thoughts, prayers, communication and supply. I feel it has prophetic and useful information that is vital for your welfare.
      If I were president it would be my "State of the Union" message. As always, if you get this e-mail twice please let me know so I can fix that.

      2005 was a year of pain and sorrow for many; from hurricane victims to lost sons and daughters in the war in Iraq to the 12 miners in West Vriginia. It hit us at home in the death of our 10 year old son Justin. It's been a tough year for many individuals and for us as a nation.

      However as much as I tend to be a pessimist I see a ray of hope dawning in the USA. I saw TV News actors take a stand for "Merry Christmas" over the holidays in a media which has been labeled "liberal" and even anti-Chrsitian by many on the extremist right (Where I came from). I saw churches actually DOING what Jesus said as they responded to the hurricane victims with open arms.
      I also saw exposure of corrupt government agencies, specifically FEMA (others will follow) which I have seen is needful. I see the extreme right wing pendulum swing coming back to center. I do not see fence post sitting; I see truth coming out and being grasped hungrily by a people who have been deceived and duped by heartless corporation comptrollers and bribed politicians far too long. We the People are communicating and organizing on the net, and the Hitlers of the "New W-rld Ord-r" are in big trouble.
      I saw our Tennessee troopers and State legislators being caught in corruption. I see the sleeping giant "We the People" waking up from a 30 year nap and saying "Hey what happened to America??". The slogan "It aint your mama's ______ anymore" is getting We the People riled as we realize the things that are really important; the blessing of God on our nation, Our US constitution, true voting results, the rights of people to medications which are benificial but kept out of reach by greedy corporations and political bribes, the real value of our dollar to gold, the honesty and ethics of our leaders, deadly chemicals in our food, the planned murder of 3000 people by our own government agencies the CIA et al on 9/11, and many other issues kept quiet or covered up are being exposed and pursued by Patriots and "Matriots" who say "No; we will not lay down and let fascists take over our nation; and wherever they have, we will drive them out".

      I saw my dream of ministering to my kids' teenage friends come to pass. Our home has become a haven of refuge for many teens seeking answers. They can come, eat, play video games and get answers to the big questions leading to salvation. They come for the food and the games and to hang with friends, but they leave with the Lord YahShua (Jesus) ; they are seeking but after watching tv preachers and "Going to church" they are NOT seeking there! The Barna group says in 20 years 70% of todays church goers will meet in homes. I say in 5-9 years.

      2006 is not going to be "bigger tricks in '06" by TV fakers preaching "get rich with Jesus". It is going to be a year of exposure, in fact I see a season of exposure and clean-up lasting 3-5 years. THis is a chance for all my accusers to prove I'm a false prophet; I'm giving dates!
      God is turning up the light and exposing evil in our midst, calling for repentance, not from the un-churched, but within His bride. Christians are getting in shape, getting out of the box building and realizing We the People are the church. We are realizing that the head is Christ and the Holy Spirit is the leader, not men with agendi. We don't have to worry about seperation of church and state; if the people are living in truth and walking it out, the state, which is the people, is the church. Before you get upset look back at the "if".

      I was one of the "Right wing Christians" (an oxymoron to all but morons) but in the 10 years of suffering I lived through with my disabled son Justin, I was broken from my "rights" and brought to center; to truth, in several areas. I am called to help the right wing extrtemist who really wants truth to find it and be free. In light of that I make the following statements:

      Those of us who grew up in churches and want to live a good life of blessing must accept truth. YahShua (Jesus in Greek) is truth. He is the truth. He is the logos, or logic; the truth, the word of life. He is found in the "Holy Bible" and many other places. Turth is absolute; it cannot be bound; neither the King James nor any other bound book is "The Truth"; it contains much truth but truth can be found in nature, science, a love affair, a dying son, a mentally ill wife, crazy wild teenage kids, or personal depression. Truth is eternal and absolute; it is Spirit with clothes on. Truth is our pursuit; and it is often outside the box of our concepts. If we are willing to be teachable and seriously pray about issues we disagree with we will find we were wrong about things, and we can change our thinking and our resulting actions; this is the glory and blessing key of repentance.

      In 2005 I learned once again the valuable lesson of getting outside the box of my concepts. I was (blessed to be) forced outside my personal "box" in some areas. I went to jail 3 times in 11 months because I acted like a free Christian in what I perceived to be a free USA. after 25 years of ministry and 'saintly activity' the result of living the American dream I believed in was a hard smack in the face by the fascist demon using his pawns. God allowed it because as the saying goes "They p_ss_d off the wrong guy".

      Since becoming a political activist 2 years ago, I have seen my ministry outreach grow exponentially. I am ministering to liberals and leading them to Christ instead of lowering my voice to a whisper and saying "secrets" about how evil they are as some Christians and yes even 'ministers' do. We who claim to be the 'moral majority' are being called to repent of our hypocrisy and seek for the answers to "WWJD" in every news item. The answers we were fed by hirelings in US pulpits (on the left AND right) during the last decades we are finding were not really what YahShua taught. We are repenting and beginning finally to heed His words in the parable of the house on the rock; "Those who hear these words AND DOETH THEM..." We are beginning to awaken and become DOERS and not heareres only deceiving ourselves as the apostle James admonished us.

      I apologise to all my "non church" friends and will get back to the issues; remember I am a preacher as well as a poitical activist ! I will try to stay on subject, but we cannot seperate God from life any more than we can seperate the church from the state in any nation on earth, for the people who hunger and thirst for righteousness are the church.

      I leanred to think outside the box in my financial life also. We are on a fixed income of $614.00 a month, plus we receive some sporadic donations as needs arise. However we are seeing so much more good things get done with less it is exciting because we know when finances do come in we are ready to stretch them dollars to the max!
      One thing we learned is that cash is not king. In the natural we know our government has gone on a rampage (after Reaganomics fixed it temporarily) printing money and even now starting a war just for oil and war profits. In the Spiritual as a minister seeking supply, we are learning that huge miracles of supply often come without any cash involved. As our world continues toward the RFID chip implant for all buying and seeling, the "Mark of the Beast" we cannot take, we will have to know how to barter, trade, labor, grow gardens, hunt and fish, and other ways to feed our families should the USA comply with the UN "1 world" plan of a New W-rld Ord-r monetary system.
      We needed food and neighbors brought it WITHOUT being asked. We saw food multiply, we saw people come to our home with timely supplies, we saw business deals emerge for bartering that require no record keeping which is essential in a "post chip" economy where we will not be allowed to buy or sell. I do hope and pray for a huge revival so the USA will not take this path, however mama taught me to prepare for the worst and I preach the same to you.
      The preparation is simple; be a Christian. I have boiled down Christianity according to YahShua and the apostles into a simple rule; Obey the Holy Spirit. This is the essence and something we mostly have been trained by the world and religion to NOT do. As our son Justin showed in a type; unless our (church goers) hard heart of disobedience to God's Spirit is cut out and replaced with a soft tender heart of flesh willing to obey His promptings we may go to heaven (or not!) but we will not experience ministry or even basic relationship with God. Without this tender heart of listening and obeying, we only have dead religion.

      In the light of this I am presenting ministry / activism (sorry I cannot unmarry these) needs for this month as not cash donations, but as items. Anyone who has tried to sell that $500 gizmo at a garage sale will see the value in that. We need a 600x800 video projector (so more teens can play X-box at a time), a 17" computor monitor and a good running car (we have no car at present). We also have many small needs like shampoo and toilet paper which local people may have to donate. There are other things like business deals, trades and bartering we can do but the bottom line is we see God do many more miracles of provivion when we seek His kingdom and not money.

      I learned that Ministry and Activism are one and the same in 2005. In fact the church ARE the activists in any society by definition! YahShua came and preached a "take over the government" message! He said "repent the Kingdom is at hand" Wherever He went. The apostles were continually persecuted and finally executed in reality for preaching that a new King over all kings had come, and they were (we are) His ambassadors. Our message; submit the government to the King now peacefully or later by force (When He returns).
      This is not what the "Christian Right" via G.W. Bush is doing; they are sending humanist armies to try and force people to become "democratic" and of course all based on their religious "Christian" concepts many of which are nowhere in the New Covenant. This is imperialism and exactly what the crusaders did in the dark ages! This is not the Lord's call to America.
      Our Lord and the apostles made it clear what our agenda should be if we are a "Chrisitan Nation". It is to love our neighbors, pray for those who depsitefully use us and persecute us; even bless our enemies. Not blow up their buildings, kill their people and force them into our "democratic" mold as we pillage their oil wells and poppy fields for control and profiteering.

      So 2006 has held much pain and trial, and much fruit. We have the promise of our Saviour that Justin's death like a seed planted will bear 100-fold fruit and already we are seeing so much I cannot put it all down in writing. However I want to address not our wokrs, but your potential.

      The biggest lesson I just am beginning to learn in 2006 is entering into His rest. This is where we go from disiple to apostle; from learner to setn messenger, from listening to speaking, from being pushed in a stroller to walking in faith. I began to learn it after Justin's death.
      Try and understand that when Justin was born I began a 10 year trial where everything from keeping the house clean (he was immune suppressed due to his medication for his heart transplant) to running to doctors and hospitals was my main concern. Keeping Justin alive and healthy became my main job 24/7/365. When his mama (my wife Mary) suffered her emotional collapse 3 years ago I was the only person with him night and day for weeks or months in the hospital as his stays became longer. We were so close it was as if my guts were ripped out when he died.
      When Justin died I went into a deep depression. It is called "PTSD" (Post tramatic stress disorder) by psychiatrists. I drank too much, stopped working, took drugs to escape and I am curently in a 1x week counseling at a local psychiatric outpatient clinic for 6 weeks. I am even just now beginning to recover to the point of being of use to anyone.
      However in all it has been so good for me as a person and a servant of my fellow citizens. I have given up trying to be the "super-pastor" or the "saint". I do what I want and I find that as I give up my drive to be a "sucessful ministry" to God His desires are becoming what I want to do! He lets me goof off and have fun and relax and there is MORE FRUIT than when I worked hard and long to "Be a minister" or "Be a good dad" or :"Be a good husband". I am just being me which is after all a lot more honest and less hypocritical than I was trying to "Be" something I was programmed to think was the right kind of person.

      This re-programming into centered truth should be a life long process unless we can walk thru walls or on water at will, we have not arrived. This is the essence of repentance; it is the key to revival, and the key to the blessing of God once again coming to our nation. We have to admit we are not right about everything and listen to our opponents, competition and enemies. They too are children of God perhaps lost and perhaps holding a truth that will set us free in yet another area of life. Yes even radical fundamental Muslims and corrupt "1-world" ruling elites.

      I am excited as I look forward to 2006. I am excited for you, because the TRUTH will make you FREE. I learned 3x in Davidson County Jail we are not free anymore in the USA. We have given up our constitutional rights because of fear; fear of terrorists being exposed to be trained and paid by our some of our own highest goverment officials. I am free from fear now, and I am more powerful than ever. I have not sold out like so may artists and preachers and political activists; I still have the full power of the Holy Spirit over evil forces and God has added now a political power as our website grew from over 9000 visits in '05 to over 30,000 hits in '06.
      This political power I believe has been one of the most important things that God gave us in the USA as our founders set up the government. We the People (or the 'church' as I understand it) are the government, so if we are ACTIVE (DOERS of His words) we are then "faithing" or doing works that are powerful because they are from the force of light (God's Spirit). This is kind of new-agey sounding but the more I walk and live and interact with God's Spirit and see increasing miracles I see we need to get out of the BOX of fearing a "New Age" truth and accept ALL TRUTH whether it is preached by Jimmy Swaggart or not.

      Well I am digressing so I'll close.

      I hope you have found some truth and become more free in your mind and life by our work. If so please consider helping us in any way you can, via paypal donation on the webaite - www.HisHouseMedia.com or a phisical item listed above in ministry / activism needs.

      Our prayers for you in '06 will be that you find truth outside of your box, and implement it in your life so that you will be blessed and we all can once again say with a clear conscience "God Bless America".

      Peace, Hope and Agape'
      Matthew W. Pittaway

      "Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it unto me." ~YahShua (commonly known as Jesus)

      Matthew W. Pittaway
      His House Media
      4162 Blueberry Hill Rd.
      Nashville, TN, 37218
      615 876 8155
      call 1st

      Warm regards,

      R.J.Baynum jr.,
      Wilmington De.

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