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hi all been here at the group, a short intro, me and my groups..at yahoo

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  • R.J. Baynum
    hi all.. a member here for a bit.. I m rather busy.. these days.. why? welll.. here s a part of it.. But I really do like doing it.. and its always free and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2006
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      hi all.. a member here for a bit..
      I'm rather busy.. these days.. why? welll.. here's a part of it..
      But I really do like doing it.. and its always free and fun..

      well I own a lot of groups.. and not that I'm complaining, because I provide a free service, thru yahoo.. some more engaging and direct topics.. like my new groups..I moderate so there is no spam that is off topic, nobody trying to sell you stuff unless you request it.. put your personal web pages here and links aout you and a short note to the group to say hello..
      you must have a very basic yahoo public profile, (which helps on the spammers, and as for messages, only the new ones are moderated.. but my groups are..
      and I'm also at the new yahoo 360, ( as well as all the others..)
      As, "Cyberphoenix420.." ( also known as fsjhoncho, Seeking_cyberphoenix)
      add me if you would like and we can chat some


      (and its also some.. SOME.. jazz) I'ma blues harp player, and blues lover too..


      more for the artists and thier 420, inspired art.. no matter what the art is .. (within reason)


      a gen chat and camping list for the 420 people

      and my Rolling stone of 420 at yahoo..

      (much like the other group, Stoner times, also a great yahoo group!)

      to check them out copy and paste this link before the name of the group you want to look at, in the web browser to go right to it.



      in north De.

      Warm regards,

      R.J.Baynum jr.,
      Wilmington De.

      I'm at Yahoo 360/Chat; As CyberPhoenix420

      my Aim Screen Name; CyberPhoenix420
      ICQ # 29449252
      My personal home pages; http://www.geocities.com/rj_cyberphoenix/Cyber_Phoenix.html

      My Space web bio;.. http://www.myspace.com/8979130


      http://www.loveaccess.com ;..profile Name;..CyberPhoenix



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