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Contemporary excerpt Mistaken Identity Erotic/Contemporary/Romance/Suspense promo pg

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  • Mary Suzanne
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      Mistaken Identity by Mary Suzanne

      Release Date: 29 July 2011

      ISBN: 978-1-935757-19-1

      Author: Mary Suzanne





      Amazon.com  Kindle Books

      Format: E-book

      Length: 34,447 words ( 142 pp Adobe PDF)

      Genre: Romance

      Category: Erotic, Contemporary,Suspense

      Price: E-Book: $5.99

      It was supposed to be a well-deserved, three-week tropical getaway for Kaitlin. It turned out to be an erotic nightmare when she was kidnapped and taken away by a dark handsome stranger. Josh Anderson had returned to claim his prize, Kathleen. When fear battles with love, when the desire to escape wars with the need to submit, it can lead to "twin" confusions and a case of.Mistaken Identity.

      Excerpt 1:

      As she turned toward the elevator to get help, she noticed a black limousine slowly moving toward her. Kaitlin frowned because she couldn't see inside the tinted windows. Slowly, the back window rolled down. Something told her it wasn't safe to wait around and find out who was in the car. She started across the garage running, glancing back and seeing the back door opening and a muscular man with dark hair stepping out.

      His towering height and muscular body intimidated her for no good reason. She couldn't explain why her heart beat just a little faster as she watched him approaching her. The closer he got, the more frightened she became. When he reached for her arm, a moment of panic gripped her. She managed to elude his grip as she started running again. When he caught her and gripped her arm in a tighter hold, she couldn't move and felt fear sweep through her.

      "What do you think you're doing?" Kaitlin managed to push the words out. "Take your hands off me!"

      "Not so fast, Kathleen!" He tightened his grip.

      His words registered across her numbed thoughts. He thinks I'm Kathleen. If he would only give her a chance, she could straighten everything out. She could explain to him it was a case of mistaken identity. But, she didn't have any proof of her identity to show him because she'd stupidly locked everything away in her car. It didn't look as if he was in a very reasonable mood to listen to anything she had to say, judging by the dark scowl etched across his handsome features.

      There was only one solution left to her. She'd start screaming and hope someone nearby could hear her. Suddenly, anger overcame her fear and her voice rang out in a shrill sound, echoing off the concrete walls. Somehow, she managed to get another scream out, but she wasn't prepared for what happened next.

      The stranger swiftly covered her mouth with his hand. She struggled valiantly, but it was useless against the steely bands of his arms holding her effortlessly. She found herself hauled into the car, along with the stranger.

      Her eyes shifted to the front seat where she saw another man who remained silent. The man was kidnapping her and no one was around to save her. No one would know what happened to her because she planned to leave her car in the lot for three weeks anyway. Surely, she'd wake up from this insane nightmare and find out it was all a dream. His words returned to her as the car sped out of the garage and into the dark night of Chicago . He thinks I'm Kathleen. Maybe, he would listen now if she calmed down and tried talking sense into him. Her main goal was to remain composed and not let him see the fear eating her alive.

      "Would you please listen to me?" she pleaded.


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