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Austin SwapNet 01/20/2013

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  • Jeff Schmidt
    Austin SwapNet 01/20/2013 de N5MNW & AARC AARC- Keepin’ Austin Wireless since 1919! Website: www.AustinHams.org Encode Enclave, Looks like the Big Bend Ultra
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      Austin SwapNet 01/20/2013 de N5MNW & AARC

      AARC- Keepin’ Austin Wireless since 1919!
      Website: www.AustinHams.org

      Encode Enclave,

      Looks like the Big Bend Ultra was quite the event! Here’s some
      links to the home site & Facebook page. I’m sure there will be
      stories and pix from the HSMM-MESH efforts and Course Monitor Hams.

      from ARRL ARES e-letter on line publication:
      K5GM Honored for Nearly 30 Years of Service to NTS, TCC
      Pete Jordahl, K5GM, of Austin, Texas, who recently retired as the
      ARRL National Traffic System, Cycle 4, Transcontinental Corps Director
      in the Central Area, was honored recently by the ARRL NTS Central Area
      Staff and ARRL Headquarters for his 29 plus years of service as a TCC
      The duties of this position include assuring that Transcontinental
      Corps stations are available seven days a week to make schedules with
      TCC stations in other parts of the United States and Canada to
      facilitate the movement of third party messages in service to the
      public. Pete has been a faithful and reliable member of the staff, and
      he made sure these positions were covered every day. He often covered
      positions himself when operator power was short. Pete retired from his
      position on August 1, 2012.
      Jordahl received a plaque for his diligent and reliable service to
      ARRL and the public. Thank you, Pete! -- Richard Webb, NF5B, Chair,
      NTS Central Area Staff
      Well done Pete! -Stuart K5KVH

      Excerpted from The ARRL Letter for January 17, 2013:
      2012 Marks All-Time High for Amateur Radio Licenses
      As 2012 came to a close, ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, had a
      good reason to cheer: The number of radio amateurs in the US reached
      an all-time high of almost 710,000. "2012 was definitely a banner year
      for the number of Amateur Radio operators here in the US," she said.
      "It is amazing to see these new numbers and to know that Amateur Radio
      is experiencing such a healthy trend."

      2013 Greater Houston Hamfest - Bigger and more diverse than ever -
      Table selection now on-line.
      The 2013 Greater Houston Hamfest takes place on March 23, once again
      at the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds. We have a great keynote speaker,
      have all the usual activities as in the past and have the usual highly
      desired raffle prizes. We now have approximately 200 8-foot tables.
      The on-line table selection & reservations and advance admissions are
      now up and running. Go to
      www.houstonhamfest.org to select the best choices on tables and to
      take advantage of significant admission savings and other benefits.
      The tables are $15 each. For those taking 5 or more tables, 2
      admissions are included free. Remember that tables sold out in advance
      in 2012.
      Advance on-line admissions are $6 until March 9. For those paying in
      advance, you will receive 2 free raffle tickets (instead of 1 as with
      at-door admissions). On-line attendee registrants will also enter
      through the VIP door for expedited entry. The Greater Houston Hamfest
      is trying to give strong incentives to on-line admissions. At-the-door
      admissions will be $10. Raffle tickets will be $1 each and 7 for $5.
      Select your tables now and get your discounted admissions now.
      We look forward to another successful Hamfest.

      Jan 22- 4th Tue 7PM- Face-to-Face TCARES ARL 10,000 Burnet Rd.
      Topic- RACES/ARES/TX TX State Emm comms

      Jan 23- 4th Wed 7PM- “Digital Wednesday” Packet/HSMM Setup Lab
      Red Cross on Pershing A bldg Conference Room unless posted on door

      Feb 5- 1st Tue 7PM- AARC Meeting Waterloo Ice House 8600 Burnet Rd
      Meeting topic- What’s available on HF-VHF-UHF in the Austin Area? By
      Jeff N5MNW,
      and Solar WX summary by Lew W5IFQ.

      Every Sat 7-9AM AARC Ham Radio Breakfast- Waterloo Ice House 8600 Burnet Rd

      Every Sat 9AM QCWA Chapter 67 QSO net- 146.94(-)107.2
      QCWA67 meetings- 3rd Saturday 1st month of each quarter 1:30PM local
      Tres Amigos Restaurant, 7535 E US290 in Austin, TX. (SW corner US290 E
      & US183 North)
      Jan 19 2013 Winter/January QCWA Chapter 67 meeting - Saturday, 1330 local time.

      Both the AARC and WCARC are accepting membership dues. Please refer
      to www.AustinHams.org and www.WCARC.com websites for details.

      Please visit Austin Amateur Radio Supply- www.aaradio.com 512-454-2994
      When you drop by the store, tell Johnny, Grace or Barbara you were
      referred by the AARC/N5MNW SwapNet newsletter. It might not help, but
      it couldn’t hurt!

      A Yahoo discussion group, dedicated to Austin Ham Radio can be found here:

      The SwapNet Newsletter is published weekly on a private, secure listserv.
      You may automatically subscribe by sending an email to:

      The Austin Amateur Radio Club is committed to email address security,
      battling SPAM and ID theft.
      We will do everything we can to assure mass-email addresses are
      suppressed (BCC'd) and that published email addresses will be "munged"
      upon request. mungification: at=@ dot=. Get it?

      Unfortunately, the SwapNet Newsletter contains numerous components
      that are “graded” as SPAM, causing automatic filters to engage,
      deleting without recipient's (your) knowledge or permission. Adding
      the source email address to your contact list may help but consult
      your ISP for “whitelisting” details.

      List owners, sysops and frequent info-emailers:
      Email is a powerful tool- sent, received …and intercepted… /rant=ON/
      e-dress harvesters glean your info, not only from used copier
      hard-drive data vultures, but from clueless people you probably know
      and Love!
      SPAMbot-recognizable patterns (jokes, gossip, “poli-ticks”, whatever)
      and large “TO:” headers are –prime- e-targets as they spend cyberspace
      time on who-knows-how-many hard drives & caches.
      Please try to introduce this concept to the “mass unwashed”…
      Avoid alienating these otherwise well-meaning users. They will often
      respond to any criticism by simply deleting you from their “Joke/Buddy
      list”. While this might have the desired end effect, remember: “Keep
      your friends close and your enemies closer”.
      Forwarding ANYTHING to “Everyone You Know!!!", propagating
      ignorance/hate mongering emails, not stripping “TO:” headers,
      indiscriminate clicking of unverified/“unsubscribe me” links, not fact
      checking and responding to unsolicited emails (sheesh, how many
      misplaced Royal Fortunes can you launder in a week?) all indicate
      cluelessness and contribute to the problem.
      Please try to explain this to the “mass unwashed”.
      After a few hand-held trips to sites like www.TruthOrFiction.com,
      www.HoaxSlayer.com, (heck even Snopes), e-education, e-encouragement
      and polite (earnest but stern) warnings, Take Action! Introduce
      repeat offenders to www.spamcop.net/, “BCC-ing”, assist them to
      “update” their address book, in extreme circumstances, remove them
      from sensitive distributions and, if continued, invoke root privs and
      (insert unprintable e-penance here). /rant=OFF/

      To support the SwapNet Newsletter, club repeaters, loaner hardware,
      Ham classes and other things AARC is up to, please join us and get

      If you're not an ARRL member, AARC will apply $15 towards your AARC
      club dues if you sign up for first-time ARRL membership through the

      Take advantage of dual signup, save money, join ARRL and AARC simultaneously!
      Contact Lori KM5MQ or Jay KA5OST (email President or Treasurer
      @...) for more details.

      AARC dues can be paid or renewed online. It's now easier than ever to
      renew and/or join the AARC! www.austinhams.org/join.htm
      You may print out a .pdf and mail it in or use PayPal and join online.

      Present and past issues of AARC’s “AARCover” Club Newsletter and the
      latest SwapNet
      are available on the AustinHams website:
      www.austinhams.org/newsletter.htm www.austinhams.org/Docs/SwapnetNews.pdf

      www.AustinHams.org site has a nomination button for “Ham of the Month”.
      Nominate and describe who –YOU- think ought to be AARC’s next HOM.

      *****Mark your calendars for Swapfests/Events:*****

      Texas Traders Net Every Friday Night 7:30 CST 3.870 LSB
      Texas Traders Net Every Sunday 10:00 AM CST 7.245 LSB
      Continental Traders Net Every Sunday 7:30 PM CST 3.922 LSB
      EVERYONE WELCOME! Dennis N5DPK@...

      Regular Tailgates and exam sessions:
      1st & 3rd Sat- Dallas West End & American Airlines 214-432-7665
      1st Sat- Ft Worth TX J & W. Computer parking lot I-20 and Trail Lake Dr.
      3rd Sat- Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec Humble TEAC ARC- Hugh W5FM@... 145.43(-)

      PARC Tailgate Sales 7am-Noon:
      Summit High School 1838 E Sam Houston Pkwy
      Beltway 8 bwtn Pasadena Blvd & Red Bluff in Pasadena, TX
      Contact pattyallenboi@...

      ARRL Exams 1st Sat 9AM Joe N5SMN 832-0450 / Joe W5HS(at)arrl.net 345-0800
      Bethany United Methodist Church, 10010 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX 78750

      W5YI Exams 3rd Sat 2PM St. Edward’s Fleck Hall, room 207 or 118 Jim
      AB5EK 327-6184
      hamradioexams@... http://texashams.org/w5yi-austin/

      Find exams (ARRL website):

      Upcoming Amateur Radio Events (some ctsy David k5rav@...):

      ***2013*** www.AustinHams.org

      Jan 26 Skywarn
      8am to 4pm(Saturday)
      McCallum High School - Fine Arts Center
      5600 Sunshine Drive, Austin, Tx 78756
      Website: http://www.utexas.edu/depts/grg/kimmel/skywarn2013.html
      Troy Kimmel KE5BCK Guest Speaker Kevin Kloesel

      Jan 28 CTDXCC Monthly Meeting; Old Quarry Library, 7051 Village Center
      Dr., Austin; 6:30-8:30 pm

      Jan 30 Skywarn 7-10PM(Wednesday) Host- Paul Yura
      Williamson County Jester Annex on Old Settler’s Blvd in Round Rock.

      Feb 2 Hamfest & Computer Show
      Mooreland Community Center- Mooreland, OK
      Tri-State Amateur Radio Group

      Feb 9 Harris County CERT Rodeo
      Harris County Fire & Sheriff's Training Academy
      2318 Atascocita Road in Humble, Texas 77396
      Christine Smith, N5CAS 2013 CERT Rodeo Communications Chairman
      ARRL ARES® STX District 1 Emergency Coordinator
      To volunteer, please send an e-mail to: n5cas@...

      Feb 10-17 Ham Radio Cruise 2
      Reservation deadline has passed, plan on contacting the ship on HF! (80-10m)
      Departs Galveston, tours Eastern Caribbean, Returns to Galveston
      Group has special permission to operate two HF stations installed by
      ships Engineers!
      Listen for “Carnival Magic- Maritime Mobile” on/near any of these:
      3.873 7.285 7.290 14.300 18.160 21.280 24.960 28.400 (all in MHz)
      For general information- Lori KM5MQ@...

      Feb 16 LZ (Helicopter Landing Zone) Class
      Shoreline 15201 Burnet Rd
      Host- MSET-TX - Motorcycle Special Events Team
      as many as 4 aircraft at the event.
      qualifies you for CE credits for those in nursing, law enforcement,
      firefighting, public service...
      Registration www.mset-tx.org/web/index.php?option=com_dtregister&Itemid=0
      Helicopter Landings: 8:00 am – 8:15 am
      LZ Class: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

      Feb 23 Orange Hamfest
      Orange, TX
      Orange ARC & Jefferson County ARC

      Mar 8–9
      Oklahoma Section Convention / Green Country Hamfest, Claremore, OK
      Green Country Hamfest Committee

      Mar 9 Cap 10K Packet Stuffing Party (Saturday)
      4th Sat the month before Cap 10K Race
      Contact Jeff N5MNW@...

      Mar 9 11th Annual Irving Hamfest
      Irving, TX
      Irving Amateur Radio Club

      Mar 16 WCARC Hamfest
      Georgetown Community Center
      Rick W5NR rhtrommer@...

      Mar 16 West Texas Section Convention / 58th Annual St. Patrick's Day
      Midland Hamfest
      Midland, TX
      Midland Amateur Radio Club

      Mar 22-23 Greater Houston Hamfest *note date change*
      ARRL South Texas Section Convention - pending -
      Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds 4200 Highway 36 Rosenberg, TX 77471
      Co-Chair: John K5IZO@...
      Matt K5NGU matttatro@... (281) 905-1008
      Table Sales & Commercial: Kirk KK2Z kmkendrick@... 281-639-5088

      Apr 7 Cap 10K Footrace & Fun Run (Sunday)
      Ham Voice & APRS ops needed
      Contact Jeff N5MNW@...

      Apr 19-21 BP MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Tour (nd confirm details)
      Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am start both days
      Register at http://bpms150hams.org
      Mike Hardwick N5VCX@... 713-826-6917
      Charlie N0XFD n0xfd@... 713-498-9802

      Apr 20 Belton Hamfest
      Admission $5 ( Includes a $2 Raffle Ticket)
      Talk-in 146.82(-)PL 123.0
      www.tarc.org/hamexpo/ www.beltonhamexpo.org/

      Apr 20 7290 Texas Traffic Net Picnic (nd confirm details)
      April 20 at the SPJST Lodge Number 48 in Beyersville/Taylor, TX.
      The original date of April 27 was changed- scheduling issue.
      4 PM SPJST Hall #48 in Beyersville, just south of Taylor on FM 619
      Google 10450 FM 619 Beyersville TX for more pictures and maps
      Catering again this year by Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse Elgin(nd confirm)
      2 Meter Talk in Frequency 145.450(-)162.2PL (Taylor Repeater) OR
      147.54 Simplex
      Treasurer K8KP Joe k8kp@...
      Manager KA5AZK Jo Ann jkeith@...

      Jun 7-8 HamCom in Plano

      Aug 2-3 Austin Summerfest,
      Note: Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH,
      Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division, FCC (retired)
      Is scheduled to speak!

      Sept 8 Tour De Cure (Pretty Firm)
      APRS/voice ops needed
      Jeff n5mnw@... 512-632-6673

      The Have & Want listing below is generated from a 2m voice “SwapNet”
      held every Sunday at 9PM on the 146.940 repeater in Austin, TX- an
      AARC/ARO tradition since 1974!
      Newest postings appear near each list end, float up and expire after six weeks.

      Actual on-air Net participation is preferred but SwapNet Newsletter
      updates can be emailed to: n5mnw@.... Along with a short
      description of the item(s), be sure to include your name, callsign,
      phone number/email and an asking price.

      We’d like for the Austin SwapNet to be primarily an Amateur Radio Swap List.
      Items for sale should be actual Amateur Radio equipment or –directly-
      related. While most Radio, Electronic, Computer & Test Equipment is
      acceptable, listing an auto, RV or house because it has (or could
      have) Ham gear in it is a tad questionable. NCS reserves the right to
      skip any on-air listing if they feel it would compromise their license

      SwapNet does not claim to be and indeed, is not in competition with
      any forum- internet or otherwise; Ebay, QRZ, Eham, Craigslist, etc.
      This venue encourages Austin locals to comfortably trade into and out
      of ham gear, period! We do think the personal touch of an
      approachable, experienced team of AARC Elmers and NCS’s makes for a
      value-added experience.

      It should go w/o saying, but AARC assumes –NO- liability for 3rd party items.
      Be sure to ask all pertinent questions before entering into -any-
      purchase or exchange.

      Please feel free to copy or forward as you wish, giving proper acks to AARC.


      20-Jan Austin SwapNet HAVE List www.AustinHams.org
      ATX Area code= 512 *= call before ~9PM mungification: at=@ dot=.
      Name Call Phone HAVE LIST Description HAVE LIST
      ------ ------ --------- ----------------------------------------
      Roger KF5UTX 518-3130 FLEX 5000A w/dual receivers- paid $3500, $2900 OBO
      Roger KF5UTX 518-3130 YAESU FTM-350R/E DB mob $400
      Roger KF5UTX longhorn6@...
      **NOTE!! HAVE LIST ITEMS ABOVE EXPIRED! Plz renew-146.94 Sun9PM/n5mnw@...
      Jeff N5MNW 255-6753 Local (Round Rock) pickup only:
      Jeff N5MNW 255-6753 2m allmode 20in/400out 8874 tube amp(110VAC)$400/trade
      Jeff N5MNW 255-6753 (8874 is same tube used in Alpha 76 HF amp)
      Jeff N5MNW@... 12V 12AH & 17AH gell cell batts $10-$15ea
      Robert K5PI 917-5101 International Radio 2.1 SSB, 500 CW filters:
      Robert K5PI 917-5101 702-$100, 709-$140, 721-$140 for FT1000(MP) & others
      Robert K5PI@... Icom FL-52A 500Hz CW filter: IC718,736,746,756 $100
      Alex AC0RR 284-0651 Ysu FT-101E 160-10m xcvr
      Alex AC0RR achanning@... (poss achannin@...)
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 Estate of SK Jerry Burran, N5CNG.
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 Proceeds will go directly to his XYL.
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 Hallicrafters S-120 receiver
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 SBE-34 HF rig (restoration project)
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 W2AU 4:1 Balun
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 MFJ 16010 HF ant tuner, Pryramid HF pwr/SWR meter
      Dick W5TA 255-9254 2 Heathkit mobs & PS- HW22(40) & HW32(20m) & mob PS
      Dick W5TA@... Heath gear unchecked, not guaranteed
      Gary W5GW plz email Collins 30S1 amplifier $1050…
      Gary W5GW white512@...
      Mike KF5JLK 350-3100 Icom IC-PS15 power supply, with powerpole $50
      Mike KF5JLK 350-3100 Diamond MX-72D duplexer $30
      Mike KF5JLK@... Alpha-Delta DX EE (40-20-15-10) $75
      Mike K2UXE 244-5496 Hammarlund SP210LX w/power supply & speaker
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 Standard C108A 2 Meter HT w/extended RX
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 TX: 144-148 250 mW TX power/20 memories
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 RX: 100-180/430-450/640-480/800-999 MHz
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 2.4-3 VDC (2*R6/AA Batteries) $29.99
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 220 Mhz Mag-mount ant- new, used in house only $15
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 Mirage C22A 220MHz all mode amp 0.1-4in20 watts out
      Al W5AAF 388-2990 w/receive preamp & variable SSB delay. $60
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 ICOM IC-735 HF w/door, fresh fm fact service $450
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 2-40 Meter HamSticks-$25
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 2-20 Meter HamSticks-$25
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 Small Radio Shack Power/SWR meter $15
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 MFJ low pass filter - $20
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 MFJ 6 Pos switch 6 in/6out so239- $25
      Fred N5JXO 310-2700 CDE 44 rotor & control $160
      Fred N5JXO 310-2700 FREE- Heathkit HM15 SWR Meter -FREE
      Watt N5NF plz email Ameritron ALS 500M amp
      Watt N5NF plz email Ameritron SPS 75MV 75 amp switching power supply
      Watt N5NF plz email Yaesu FT450AT w/Bracket $600 or trade- Yaesu FT 857D
      Watt N5NF plz email M100 A HP Tarheel antenna
      Watt N5NF plz email LDG AT-1000 Auto tuner
      Watt N5NF plz email Yaesu MD2000 ext speaker
      Watt N5NF hamradiogee@...
      Rick NG5V plz email Standard C156A 2m HT 100ch w/ATX freqs/4-AA pk $25
      Rick NG5V plz email Buxco Rascal GLX w/fact 6pin mini-DIN cord $25
      Rick NG5V plz email MFJ1278 TNC w/manual/6pin miniDIN MFJ cable $25
      Rick NG5V plz email FREE- DeWalt DW9091 14.4v drill batteries, qty=2
      Rick NG5V plz email (dead/rebuildable) and Dewalt DW9107 9.6-14.4v chgr
      Rick NG5V plz email for NICAD or NiMH (NOT Lithium) All DeWalt- FREE
      Rick NG5V plz email email- callsign at arrl.net

      20-Jan Austin SwapNet WANT List www.AustinHams.org
      ATX Area code= 512 *= call before ~9PM mungification: at=@ dot=.
      Name Call Phone WANT LIST Description WANT LIST
      ------ ------ --------- ----------------------------------------
      George WB5TXW@... Collins 62S1 2m/6m converter
      JD W1DVZ gd in QRZ Yaesu FT-736
      Jeff N5MNW 255-6753
      Jeff N5MNW 255-6753 Byonics GPS2 GPS RX that matches TT3/4
      Jeff N5MNW@... (have stuff to trade- call & see above)
      Alex AC0RR 284-0651 MFJ/LDG/equiv standalone autotuner
      Alex AC0RR 284-0651 4-pin mic plug (as fits a TRAM Diamond 60)
      Alex AC0RR achanning@... (poss achannin@...)
      Gary W5GW plz email 40/50 VDC pwr supply- capable of 20 amps.
      Gary W5GW white512@...
      Allan K5XTR area 830 MFJ-989C or D Roller-ind HF ant tuner
      Allan K5XTR 237-9102
      Allan K5XTR@...
      Dave W5GQF 791-8344 Yaesu YO-901 Monitor Scope
      Lynn K5LYN@... Johnson audio drive xfmr 370/370 Ohm-1 side w/ctr tap
      Mark KA5RZZ plz email ICOM IC-706 and/or Kwd TM-V71 separation kit(s)
      Mark KA5RZZ@... (has IC-7000 sep kit to trade)
      Brad NA5BD 630-2723 1 straight sect- Rohn 25G and a 25G tilt base
      Rod W5NDS 467-6825 300W automatic/manual ant tuner for 80-10 M.,
      Rod W5NDS@... preferably with cross needle meter.
      Scott W5TS 590-3526 working Hallicrafters 108 or 110 shortwave receiver


      NNN /EX

      Jeff Schmidt N5MNW
      "Mighty Nice Weather"
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