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Nashville Temple - Seasons Greetings and Temple Expansion Project

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      Subject: HCCT - Nashville Temple - Seasons Greetings and Temple Expansion Project





      December 2012.

      HCCT/ GANESHA TEMPLE Expansion Project: PHASE THREE—Multi-purpose Building

      Dear Member/Devotee/Donor:

      Season’s Greetings to You and Your Family.

      The purpose of this letter/email is to seek your financial help for the construction of the Multi-purpose Building at Sri Ganesha Temple in Nashville, Tennessee. We are planning to undertake this project in 2013 with an expected completion in early 2015, prior to our Temple’s Jeernodhara Kumbhabhishekam that year. As you know, any donation by you before the end of this calendar year may be tax deductible this year without having to wait for an uncertain tax situation next year. We appeal to your charitable instincts to give it a serious consideration to donate generously now.

      You may donate by credit/debit card, check or securities. The details are furnished in this communication. But first let us give you the brief background information and a status update on what has been accomplished so far with the selfless donations and other contributions from devotees like you.


      As the needs of devotees for Temple services increased, we hired more priests who needed a decent place to live. As more devotees visited the Temple, especially on special occasions, car parking became woefully inadequate. The number of students in our Sunday school also increased over the years which demanded more class rooms and teachers. As such the Temple Board of Trustees decided to meet these needs as soon as possible. To this end, an expansion plan with three phases was made in 2005.

      Status Update:

      Phase One of expansion was to prepare the site for construction and build an additional Parking Lot as well as adding a second Entrance Gate to the Temple property. This was completed by January, 2011 at a cost of a little under $2.5 million. Phase Two was to build the much needed Priest Quarters. This was completed by October 2011 at a cost of little over $1.0 million.

      Phases One and Two together cost a total of $3.5 million against $1.2 million donations raised. The Temple spent altogether a sum of $2.3 million from its general funds accumulated over a decade, since the payoff of the original loan for the construction of the Main Temple Building.

      The Sunday school/Balavihar has immediately started using any vacant quarter and the unused upstairs rooms of the new Priest Quarters where single/bachelor priests reside on the first floor. The Sunday school students and the teachers liked this arrangement a lot better than the previous cramped conditions but need a building of their own. As the Indian community in Nashville area and Middle Tennessee is growing rapidly, more students are enrolling in Sunday school every year. This year we have over two hundred students and about 18 dedicated selfless teachers. Many parents who are waiting to pick up their children need a place to lounge or attend adult classes of their own. As the single/bachelor priests bring their spouses or families to Nashville, the newly found classroom space will disappear fast. This brings the much-needed generous donations from you and us to the planned Phase Three Expansion the Multi-purpose Building.

      Phase Three - Multi-purpose Building and Donations:

      The Multi-purpose Building being proposed is a two-storey building with about 21,000 square feet area containing about 10 to 15 class rooms and some other needed facilities for other uses. This is expected to cost as much as over $3.0 million. The building plans and cost estimates are preliminary and will be finalized during the next six months. Our goal is to raise at least $2.0 million through donations and take a bank loan for the rest. We hope you appreciate the immensity of the task ahead for all of us and contribute generously. Here is how you can donate:

      1. By Credit /Debit Card. Please go to: www.ganeshatemple.org and select “Donations”, and then “Constructions” à “New Buildings Donation”, enter the amount you wish to donation and then check out using your credit/debit card to complete the donation. You will get an email receipt which you can print out. If you are not currently registered at this site, you can do so for free and complete donating. You can reset your password using “Forgot password” link.

      2. A FACEBOOK page for Temple will be operational soon for donations and periodic updates.

      3. By Check…. Payable to “Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee” and mail it to:

      HCCT/ Sri Ganesha Temple

      P. O. Box 210705

      Nashville, TN 37221-0705

      4. By donating your appreciated Securities/Stocks. Please Contact Dr. Venk Mani for details. His Phone No. is: (615) 351-6369

      5. By dropping checks or cash generously in our Hundi at the Temple OR by charging or giving checks at the front desk located upstairs while you visit the Temple.

      [Note: Please make sure that you write on the checks or indicate that the donation is for “Multipurpose Building”].

      We sincerely appreciate your help, financial or otherwise. Please contact your friends, locally or in far away places, and encourage them to donate generously. The task ahead is immense but with your help we can do it, just like what we together have accomplished so far. Think about the growing future needs of our community and feel proud of what we can do, not just for us but for many more to come. This is our IDENTITY and our Place.

      While we implore you to contribute this year, your donations next year are equally important and appreciated. We have to assess our expansion financing by May 2013 before we decide to go ahead with the Phase Three. May we suggest a minimum general donation of $500? Special donations of higher amounts are desirable and essential to meet our goal of $2.0 million in donations. Please give your share and be proud of your generosity.

      Thank you and Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


      (signed)                                                          (signed)

      Usha Mani                                                      Sunil Kaza

      Chairperson, HCCT Board of Trustees            Chairperson, Fund Raising Committee.




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