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Fw: BudCom Session October 5

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  • Steve Pucci
    posting for public awareness . . . . ... From: Fred Hubert To: Steve Simons ; ;
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2010
      posting for public awareness . . . .

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      > As I understood it, they are going to have an informal discussion on the
      > budget BEFORE preparing a budget and use the information from the
      > discussion to prepare an initial budget that should be much closer to the
      > final. The idea is that this will save everyone time, but in particular
      > it should save the administration from having to entirely rework the
      > budget. Whether we realize these gains or not in practice remains to be
      > seen, but the idea has merit.
      > Regards,
      > Fred Hubert
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      > Subject: Re: BudCom Session October 5
      > I still don't understand why the administration is meeting with the budget
      > committee before they present their budgets to us.
      > Steve
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      > Subject: BudCom Session October 5
      >> Just a quick reminder that the BudCom will be in session beginning at
      >> 6:00
      >> PM tonight (Tuesday) at the Middle School. Mark McLaughlin, Susan
      >> Hodgdon, Cindy Matte and Pat Goyette will be providing information
      >> related
      >> to the upcoming FY12 budget. Members of the Co-op Board are welcome (and
      >> encouraged) to attend. This is not an intended workshop or formal
      >> meeting, but there should be a good deal of initial budget preparation
      >> information provided.
      >> I encourage each of you to make an attempt to be there.
      >> Janice
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