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Re: USA-- EPA waste codes for lacquer/stain cleaning

I agree with Robert Latsch. At a minimum it is a D001 Ignitable Hazardous Waste. It may also be a listed hazardous waste depending on the solvents that were
Daniel Stoehr
Apr 23

Re: USA-- EPA waste codes for lacquer/stain cleaning

Without knowing the chemicals that make up the lacquer thinner, this is probably a D001. It could also be an F003, F004 or F005 as well, I need the specific
Robert Latsch
Apr 23

Re: USA-- EPA waste codes for lacquer/stain cleaning

please look at the 49 CFR 172.101 Table for UN 1263 "Paint related material". Vic Ament vcament@... On Apr 23, 2015, at 10:31 AM, pcjr101@...
Apr 23

USA-- EPA waste codes for lacquer/stain cleaning

Question for folks in the U.S. To compare notes. What are the EPA waste codes for a waste that is liquid the result of cleaning lacquer/stain spraying
Apr 23

Chemical Safety Specialist position at ASU in Tempe, AZ

Although the first group closing is Sunday we will continue to review applications so please apply if interested even after Sunday. Jonathan Company: Arizona
Apr 18

Re: [hazmat101] usa--feedback on solvent recovery equipment

Commercial enzyme-based product: "Nature's Miracle". It's godawful expensive and takes a couple days to work, but it's effective. Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE
Apr 17

Re: (how to get rid of dog/cat smell)

There is a liquid out there called Odoban, I found it at PetSmart. Works great for human noses. I have not asked the dogJ Bob From: hazmat101@yahoogroups.com
Robert Latsch
Apr 17

Re: (how to get rid of dog/cat smell)

If you’re dealing with a cement floor ………. Try Full strength Mr. Clean (the green bottle and don’t dilute it). Use a lot and let it soak in a bit
Apr 17

Re: (how to get rid of dog/cat smell)

You have to break the urea. Go to pet store, look for cleaner with enzymes if you know specific spot of contamination. If you don't know exact spot get
Regulation Turner
Apr 17

Re: usa--feedback on solvent recovery equipment

Does anyone know the best way to get rid of dog/cat smell in the house. I tried vinegar and bleach, has helped some, but not completely gone
Nicholas Madhiri
Apr 17

usa--feedback on solvent recovery equipment

Doing research for solvent recovery equipment for use in U.S.A. If you use solvent recovery equipment or you are familiar with it, could you share the
Apr 16

Re: e-waste recycling

Absolutely agree and thanks for sharing. Certifications can never be a substitute for thorough due diligence. Unfortunately, there have been too many of these
Chris Jones
Apr 15

Re: e-waste recycling

I think e-Stewards is an excellent bar (the e-waste certification “gold standard”). Of course (and as you know) it guarantees nothing. The following news
Apr 14

Re: e-waste recycling

Hi Steve, Pursuant to your question we have worked with Metech Recycling for many years and they are fantastic. They have 5 facilities in the US and maintain
Chris Jones
Apr 14

e-waste recycling

My organization is developing an RFP for e-waste recycling and I'd like to get others opinions regarding vendor qualifications. I'm recommending that we
Steven Nelson
Apr 10
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