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The Police: Ambassadors of Aloha?

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    The Police: Ambassadors of Aloha? $7 Million Dollars worth of Aloha? by Kealoha Pisciotta The ADB-Watch march was filled with Aloha. The organizers and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2001
      The Police: Ambassadors of Aloha?

      $7 Million Dollars worth of Aloha?

      by Kealoha Pisciotta

      The ADB-Watch march was filled with Aloha. The organizers and
      protesters should be recognized an embraced for their unwavering
      conviction to peaceful non-violent protest and Aloha. They came from
      all over the world because of what they believe in and they fully
      embraced the Aloha spirit. Yet, they were met with guns, riot gear,
      the Police, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Secret Service, Army and Air National
      Guard, ATF, FBI and the UH football team (according to NBC news) and
      our own government officials claiming that these things are Aloha.
      Auwe! Governor Cayetano I am shame for us here in Hawai'i.

      Since Aloha is usually not spoken about directly because it is
      addressed through feelings, Aloha nevertheless is a philosophy not
      just a word. It is the foundation of Native Hawaiian spirituality
      and religion. From it's base essence to its zenith "Aloha" is about
      right action, truth and resisting the affronts to Creation.

      Although this word has been used, misused, abused, bastardized and
      profaned by the colonizers. It is still a sacred word for the
      Hawaiian people. It is believed in our language that certain words
      come from the time of Creation and Creator, and although man can use
      them man cannot profane them. Aloha is such a word.

      When we utter the sacred word of Aloha- we invoke the spirit of
      Aloha. When Aloha is in action it is felt on all levels and what is
      contrary cannot exist simultaneously. One can't be in Aloha and in
      the absence of Aloha at the same time.

      It means each person engaged in Aloha is bound to the principles of
      truth and right action, eventually. When Aloha is enacted, our
      actions are overseen by the Akua, Na Akua, Na 'Aumakua, Na Kupuna.
      Each participant can act as he or she chooses but is responsible for
      his or her own actions and intentions regardless.

      It would be a mistake however; to believe that Aloha demands
      passivity. Aloha is a state of being and therefore requires action
      and participation. To be true to Aloha, one must stand for truth,
      defend the principles that protect the rights of all people and the
      sacred earth, and to resist the affronts to Aloha itself.

      Today the word Aloha is uttered in commercials and embossed on
      tourist brochures, on tee-shirts, storefronts, doormats, beach mats
      and even on rubber slippers. In short Aloha is used to sell Hawai'i,
      steal Hawai'i, consume Hawai'i and now to arm Hawai'i.

      In the past when the haole came to Hawai'i to steal the land and help
      us to learn about heaven, our Kupuna in their ultimate wisdom
      maintained Aloha. Everyone, however, assumed that they were simply
      saying hello, goodbye and hope you feel good, like many still believe
      it to mean today.

      But were our Kupuna doing this? Or were they invoking the laws and
      principles of Aloha? Our Kupuna saw and survived many things, good
      and bad. They witnessed the times of great death when 96% of the
      people of this land died. Our recent Kupuna are the 4% who survived.
      In the time when every man, woman and child had buried at least 20
      people, when these Kupuna said "Aloha" were they saying that they
      felt good?

      They said Aloha to the just and un-just, the good and the bad. They
      did not differentiate, nor judge.

      Our Ali'i invoked Aloha, when the U.S. troops landed to help the
      haole overthrow the Kingdom. She remained steadfast and in Aloha.

      Despite the Aloha and truthful stand of the sovereignty movement--and
      how very damning it is for America (America's ugly little secret are
      we - the Hawaiians)--the U.S. still cannot find a way to openly
      aggress on the Hawaiian people? Why can't they? Is it because of
      Aloha, because so many people in the world come here to the Land of
      Aloha, the only State in the Union (if you support U.S. occupation)
      known as the Love State. People from all over the world lay on our
      beautiful shores, swim in our beautiful oceans while the Hawaiian
      people dance and sing for them and make good food for them. The
      world would look at the U.S. as the mad-dog of the earth if they ever
      went to war with us. So how will they make war in the land of Aloha?

      Will the powers that be use any venue they can to invoke the
      contrary--or the opposite of Aloha? If history tells us anything, I
      believe they will.

      Well despite years of profaning the sacred nature and word of Aloha,
      we can see that the powers that be, have found a new venue of
      profanity, and created a new definition of Aloha that is not easily
      reconciled. Just when we thought it could not get worse we are told
      that the Police fully armed against the people shall be called the
      Ambassadors of Aloha, that Martial Law is Aloha and Police that would
      use guns on people in order to protect property is Aloha.

      People of Hawai'i feel the truth in these things your money ($7
      million dollars to be exact according to NBC news) could have been
      used to hurt people. Aloha has been misused in the past but this
      brings the concept to a new level. The misuse and abuse of our
      language Mr. Cayetano does not go unnoticed-Aloha Mr. Cayetano.

      Kealoha Pisciotta
      Hilo, Hawai'i


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