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Re: The Egos Have Landed

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  • supersticia66
    ... made ... adolescent high ... face...not ... involved, the ... remarkable. ... in the ... to launch ... with. ... it s ... actually ... see how ... anger as
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 26, 2002
      --- In hauntworld@y..., Zombo <zombo_the_clown@y...> wrote:
      > At 01:23 AM 4/23/02 -0400, the voices in pogo777666@a...'s head
      > pogo777666@a... say the following:
      > >CHRIST!!! How old are you people??? you are all acting like
      adolescent high
      > >school kids...if you are gonna badmouth people do it to their
      > >behind an e-wall, and in OTHER PEOPLE'S EMAILBOXES!!
      > Agreed. Seconded. Oh, hell yeah.
      > Regardless of the truth, half-truth or non-truth of the posts
      involved, the
      > sheer juvenile need to have the last word POST AFTER POST is
      > I was under the impression that this list was for adults. The posts
      in the
      > last 48 hours have been shockingly childish.
      > Gentlemen, please. There are appropriate times, places and venues
      to launch
      > personal attacks against other list members you don't like or agree
      > Actually doing it on the list is not only completely inappropriate,
      > rude, insulting to the rest of the list, and wildly inconsiderate.
      > Please holster your egos, or take it off list. Yes, that means
      > dealing with each other one-on-one, without a captive audience to
      see how
      > cool your flames are, but if you're truly as passionate in your
      anger as
      > you all seem to be, that shouldn't matter.
      > http://www.albion.com/netiquette/book/index.html
      I am a DAY LATE and a dollar short here on my reply to this
      childish situation,and i TOTALLY agree With ya ZOMBO!!!! This site
      is for USEFULL shit,er stuff....GET OVER IT!!!

      > Oi.

      > zTc
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