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  • Ashley Hawkins
    Thanks I m am a little taken back by Colorado being considered pro-homeschooling growing up in Texas & Oklahoma home there are no requirements for
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      Thanks I'm am a little taken back by Colorado being considered pro-homeschooling growing up in Texas & Oklahoma home there are no requirements for homeschooling so all this "registering" & record keeping & testing is a little foreign & worrisome to me but we will just have to see where the good lord takes us.

      On Jul 4, 2012 10:30 AM, "krosebudsmom" <krosebudsmom@...> wrote:

      Raton is just south of the NM border and Trinidad is just north of the border. We made this group to include both towns, but so far all our members live in the Trinidad area, so I can not tell you about the legal issues in NM.

      Colorado is very pro-homeschooling. Only have to do three things- write a letter of intent every year (I don't because I pay $25 a year to belong to an umbrella school,) keep records for hs 4 hours a day, and take an approved test every odd year and send the records to a school district. The state will even provide all your curricula if you choose, several k-12 online programs, but then you are still being overseen by the state.

      Job openings In Trindad are just as bad as anywhere else, especially in a small town. We have 700 natural gas wells all over the hills around Trinidad, but supposedly they laid off a bunch of people recently. The re-opened a coal mine about 6 months ago and everyone got all excited about a boosted economy in Trinidad, but I don't think hired as many people as they had hoped and production is slower than then predicted. I don't know anything about Raton, but it is smaller then Trinidad. Cimarron is very tiny and very far from anything else. Taos is way, way to expensive. Eagle Nest is mostly recreational.

      Good luck.


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      > Hi my name is Ashley, I was homeschooled and have always planned on homeschooling we have two girls(for now) 3.5years and nearly 7months so aren't doing anything "formal" yet but preparing to start the 3year old in pre-k work. We curently live in south west Oklahoma and are without work. DH has always dreamed of living in New Mexico so about a week ago when he sent me a text saying looked like he may lose his job I told the Lord if he wanted us in New Mexico (we had just been talking about New Mexico in the week or so leading up) to go ahead and send him home. So along with looking for work here he is looking out there, he really likes the Raton/Cimarron area, so depending on where he finds a job we plan to be heading west. Naturally one of the first things
      > I did was look up the state laws on homeschooling (and homebirthing) knowing I didn't want to live in a state that didn't fit our lifestyle and that is when I found this group so I thought I would join and could start to get to know some people and find out if anybody knows of any job openings. I'm sorry if I have been a little to open I tend to ramble.
      > Sincerly,
      > Ashley Hawkins

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