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April Field Trip, need RSVP ASAP

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  • harthomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Sherry is trying to make reservations for the April field trip. If we don t have enough people, we can t get the group rate. Please contact her if you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2012
      Sherry is trying to make reservations for the April field trip. If we don't have enough people, we can't get the group rate. Please contact her if you are going. Her email is Wood_Sherry@...

      Here is the agenda- 4/19/12 Art museum at 11am til noon lunch a packed one from home. Then head to Science Museum spend rest of day there dinner and hotel. 4/20/11 Indoor rock climbing camp in Boulder 9am to noon or full day your choice. Then We can meet up for dinner at the Ganges at 4pm early yes but we don't wanna get home to late right? For those of you who don't want to go rock climbing do whatever you want the 2nd but lets try and meet up for dinner still k?

      For anyone interested in going to the rock climbing camp in Boulder the 2nd day you need to register for 4/20/12 to save a spot for your kids. It actually works out cause you pay half now and rest later which is helpful money wise. You could pay all now to I guess. I spoke with them and they said its best to register sooner the...n later. About a week before camp they usually fill up.

      Contact Jen Herling to register @ 303.865.3557


      Total Climbing | Day off School Camps www.totalclimbing.com

      This is the actual Art tour we will be doing. If we attend the 11am tour we can eat lunch at 12pm then head to Science museum. From past experience all adults will have to pay cept the 1/10 kids. So for that probably means one adult free only.
      Grades 3–6 If you want to get there early to explore on your own first, that will be great.

      http://www.denverartmuseum.org/learn_and_play/schools_and_teachers/intro_tours www.denverartmuseum.org

      Here is price list for science museum. We can get the school group pricing if we have at least 10 students.

      We would be getting the school group rate and I plan on getting the Imax, museum and planetarium which will cost $8.50/kid

      This is the AGENDA! But... Does anybody want to skip art museum and spend whole day at science museum? If enough people want to skip I'm ok with that. Seems like a lot for the kids in one day esp. little ones. I will call for reservations round 14th of March. So let me know. And save this post!

      The Ganges restaurant
      Couldn't find link I had with full menu anymore. Its not expensive.
      Here is link again

      The Ganges Restaurant on YP.com

      I just checked out The Ganges Restaurant on YP.com and thought you'd like it too...See More


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