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422Horrible Ordeal............Joni Steiner

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  • Joni Steiner
    May 13, 2013
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      It has being a horrible experience for me here in Manila Philippines,during my vacation i was attacked by some thugs around the hotel vicinity were i lodged who beat me up and collected all my money,credit card including my cell phone and other important documents i took along.But to the glory of God i still have my passport and my life spared. i have been to the police and embassy but they are not helping issues i was ask to come back in the next 3days time,right now i am in a local library mailing you for financial assistant.
            My flight leaves in 2hours from now and i am having a problem settling my hotel bills,please i need you to help me with (1,700.00 Dollars) to foot my bills  and board a plane back to the state because right now i am stranded and you are my only hope to get out of this mess.When i get back to the state i will refund you every dime that you've spent if possible with interest...Write me back so i can tell you how to get the money to my present location.

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