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420P.E. for middle schoolers and up.

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  • mama likey cats
    Oct 4, 2012

      Last year some of us families with older kids got together on Tues 10 to noon or so for PE at the Community  Center. One reason being they could get rough and not worry about hurtin' the youngin's. It worked out great. Even had Marty and Lori give lessons sometimes on on various sports. I think we should start again maybe next Tues. I will call Marty and see if it will still work. Again this is for I would say middle schoolers and up or younger kids who like it rough. We play some mean Hit and Run!Lol. If I get the OK from Marty I will start a weekly event/reminder. I personally only go every other week cause of work. I repeat The big boys are ROUGH! So no cry babies allowed....jk.... not.

      Called Marty and he gave us the OK! P.E. for middle schooler s and up starts 10/9/12 - 10AM - noon. On our FB page I have set up an event for this and it will be every Tues. Unless of course no body shows up. You up for this again Paula?!