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192Summer Reading Program

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  • Rolonda
    Jun 2, 2011
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      Me and Allyciea went to return our books at the library today. Ms. Nora is asking for our help, she needs people to help her put together the summer reading program. it is suppose to start June 22, She needs people to help with art projects,ect.

      I suggest stopping by and asking her what she needs help with.

      The last few years the library had several people helping, this year she said isn't the case, so she could really need the "'Harthomeschool's Group" help.

      There are kids with their parents coming in and asking about the Summer Reading Program, and teachers from the schools wanting the kids reading in the summer, yet Ms. Nora said they had to cut back on staff at the library, so she needs help putting this together.

      There are summer activies going on in the summer in the morning, so she is wondering if she should have the summer reading program in the afternoons at 1:00.

      The theme I think this year is Around The World. Not sure of exact title. Again please anyone that could help put this together and help run one or a few activities, Ms Nora told me since the library had to cut back on staff she needs help putting this summer reading program together. I will try and get her home phone number and email for everyone to get a hold of her. Rolonda
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