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  • lavender.rose27
    ... Vickie: I m relatively new to the concepts of alchemy, and especially the symbolism, so this is just my current understanding. Luna is a personality
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      > ok so i know that lily , and albus symbolized the white stage the spirit , but now im confused with what granger has to say about luna. can anyone help ?
      > His new friend Luna is another alchemical symbol. "Luna is the bride, the white queen, consort of King Sol. She is the moist, cold, receptive principle which must be united with Sol, the dry, hot, active principle in the chemical wedding." . . . (Granger)

      I'm relatively new to the concepts of alchemy, and especially the symbolism, so this is just my current understanding.

      Luna is a personality fragment known as the anima. The anima is the female energy inside of a physical man. That's why Granger calls her the bride, white queen and consort of King Sol (the sun). Jo has drawn her in an exaggerated fashion to make it easier to see her characteristics.

      She first appears in Book 5 because that's when we are first introduced to her presence -- after we've become courageous enough to venture into the waters of the subconscious mind. (Women are first introduced to their animus at that level as well.)

      Luna is the Moon, and Sol is the Sun. The moon is a sister to Mother Earth and the queen of the night. The moon governs ocean tides, so she's thought to represent our emotions and growth cycles. Our heart rather than our mind.

      She is the complete opposite of Sol -- the logical, reasonable mind. That's why she runs around believing in all sorts of illogical things. She doesn't analyze. She doesn't judge. She believes all things, hopes in all things, and endures all things. She is Faith, Hope and Charity all wrapped up into ONE.

      Whatever people do to her or say about her is okay. She doesn't own the actions and behaviors of others, and she doesn't use the actions and behaviors of others to define herself in any way. She doesn't allow others to persuade her into believing or doing what she doesn't want to believe or do. She has complete faith in her Father.

      Ancient alchemists often used her to symbolize Mercurius and sometimes salt. She has no physical beauty (in the books) to show us that her beauty is internal. When Harry first meets her, she is reading a magazine UPSIDE DOWN.

      Jo uses Hermione to represent Sol's mind for some reason. Possibly because during the Rubedo stage, Luna becomes a man and Sol becomes a woman. But it also might be because the projection of our anima or animus is always the opposite of whatever our physical body currently is.

      Luna and Hermione are always at odds with each other because Hermione (the mind) and Luna (the heart) showcase the two extremes. Hermione (the mind) needs to LET GO of her analytical, judgmental nature and begin functioning with the heart (Luna) instead. Hermione's relationship with Ron will eventually teach her how to do that, but not until she almost loses Ron completely.

      That's how the full realization of our anima and animus occurs -- through our relationships with people of the opposite sex.

      When Harry first meets Luna, he doesn't much like her, but comes to see her true inner beauty and what she can do for the good of the whole body.
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