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The last offspring of the House of Black - Part 5

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  • Hans Andr´┐Ża
    How can something that is eternal, disappear? How can the mental conception of the immortal divine human being die? What does Jan van Rijckenborgh say about
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      How can something that is eternal, disappear? How can the mental conception of the immortal divine human being die? What does Jan van Rijckenborgh say about this?


      In Chapter 8 he says:


      When you tread the path of the School, then you will eventually hear the words: 'It is for your benefit that I depart, and I will send you the Comforter who will speak to you in My name.'


      Sirius, the bright morning star, departs. What does that mean? Jan van Rijckenborgh says:


      It is the glorious moment when, to some degree, the archetype atom begins to act independently.


      Just to recap: when the New Soul has been born, the seeker creates the image of the imperishable man.


      Jan Van Rijckenborgh says about this:


      Perhaps you now know what image this is. It is a projection of the archetype which becomes clearer and clearer, as a basis for the new man to come. Via the archetype-atom, the image of the immortal man is directly connected with the archetype itself and hence also with the Gnosis. The plan of the great architect is thus accomplished.


      But why does this divine image leave us? Why does Sirius disappear through the veil?


      He goes to heaven! Where is that heaven? It's in our own force-field! In our own microcosm.


      To understand this, you'll need to make a mental picture of your microcosm. Imagine a glass sphere with seven levels. Only the seven levels are not situated one above the other, but lie WITHIN each other. To move from a level to a higher level, you don't move up, but you raise your vibration level.


      The goal of the divine creation is that we be able consciously to travel up and down all the levels inside our own microcosm. The upper six levels provide access to the so called six Cosmic Planes above the seventh, where we are now. These Cosmic Planes are filled with an incredibly wonderful, ecstatic divine life in eternal joy without problems, without sickness, suffering and death.


      When our own inner Sirius departs from us, it means he is moving into the sixth level of our microcosm, to prepare it for US! This is why Christ says: I go to prepare a place for you.


      Just as we all have a higher self or auric being today, so the immortal divine human being also has a higher self or auric being. The Book of Revelation tells us that there will be new earth, AND a new heaven.


      We as earthly human beings are the old earth. Our auric being, symbolised in Harry Potter by the most evil wizard of all times, Voldemort, is our plan, our personal god. Millions of people populate this earth, and all of them have a Voldemort. The collective result of the activities of all our Voldemorts can be clearly seen in this world: endless war, human trafficking, exploitation, terrorism, child abuse, enormous wealth beside millions of people dying of hunger, drug abuse, the list goes on. The whole world is filled with suffering, with a few tidbits of satisfaction for the rich westerner.


      If we defeat our Voldemort, and love our Sirius, our old heaven will be replaced by a new one, which cannot manifest itself in this world. The plan of evil, suffering and death will be replaced by a Plan of eternal love. The old heaven will be replaced by a new one. And if there is a new heaven, a new earth will follow. That means that the personality which we are at the moment is systematically and gradually replaced by a new personality which is immortal, which is a perfect child of God, and which possesses love and wisdom in abundance.
      To be continued.
      Love from Hans

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