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Minerva McGonagall

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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Before starting on Minerva I just want to thank Alison for her last post on symbolism. Many thanks Alison, and please tell us all you know about this
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      Before starting on Minerva I just want to thank Alison
      for her last post on symbolism. Many thanks Alison,
      and please tell us all you know about this fascinating

      Also further to Crabbe & Goyle, I found my earlier
      reference to the serpent-fire. It was in Harry (3)
      (Post 270). I said there: 'All of us own a "tree". The
      spinal column with the spinal cord and the two strings
      of the sympathetic nerve is called the tree of life.
      The force that runs along these 3 channels,
      esotericists call the "serpent fire".' I was afraid
      some of you might think I was making things up as I go
      along. When I wrote post 270 I had no idea yet what
      Malfoy and his two cronies symbolised. Now I could
      kick myself for not seeing the obvious. Draco =
      serpent = serpent-fire!

      There was another thought that struck me about the
      Malfoy - Crabbe - Goyle combination. If Malfoy
      symbolises the serpent-FIRE isn't it curious that
      Crabbe and (gar)Goyle are both connected with water? I
      don't know if it has any significance though. Just a
      curiosity perhaps.

      OK, Minerva McGonagall.
      I only started thinking about her this morning and the
      first thing that hit me is that she is like the Virgin
      in "The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross." In
      the latter she conducts the weighing of the candidates
      to determine their virtuousness. In Harry Potter
      McGonagall gives the first years the sorting hat to
      see what house they go into.

      In the "Alchemical Wedding" the Virgin is called
      Alchimia. By the way, the book doesn't tell you that
      explicitly. You have to work out a puzzle that is very
      similar to the type Jo loves, for example in book 1.

      It is obvious from reading "The Alchemical Wedding"
      that Alchimia symbolises the force that transfigures
      the apprentice alchemist. Now we know why McGonagall
      is Transfiguration teacher! It all fits, doesn't it?

      If you haven't read "The Alchemical Wedding" could I
      suggest you do so now, as the parallels between that
      and Harry Potter are absolutely striking! It's on the
      group's files in its entirety. You can read the whole
      thing in under an hour. I have also started putting
      illustrations of "The Alchemical Wedding" on the
      photos section.

      There's not much to add about dear Minerva. I guess
      you all know Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom.
      Just as Alchimia works as a sort of chief assistant to
      the old chap on the tower, so Minerva is Deputy
      Headmistress to Dumbledore, the old chap in the tower.

      I think that at the end of the series she'll help
      Harry somehow with his final trials, just as Alchimia
      does to Christian Rosycross. In fact she is the one
      who chooses him as one of the select to bring back to
      life the new king and queen on the eighth floor of the
      Tower of Olympus. As I've stated before, the eighth
      floor is a secret floor which symbolises the Gate of

      Just as Minerva helped Harry against the evil
      intentions of Umbridge ('I will assist you to become
      an Auror if it is the last thing I do! If I have to
      coach you nightly, I will make sure you achieve the
      required results!') so perhaps she'll make sure he can
      pass through the archway with the veil.

      You tell 'em, Minerva!!


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