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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Dobby personifies the etheric body of the apprentice alchemist. Just to give you some background information: The personality of the human being consists of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2004
      Dobby personifies the etheric body of the apprentice

      Just to give you some background information: The
      personality of the human being consists of seven
      bodies or vehicles.
      1. The physical body
      2. The etheric or vital body
      3. The astral or desire body
      4. The mental body
      5. The mental-I
      6. The emotional-I
      7. The consciousness-I.
      Each body operates on a corresponding plane. The
      candidate for liberation has to cut the chains that
      ties him to each of the planes. In book 2 Harry
      symbolically cuts the second chain.

      In normal circumstances the etheric body is fettered
      to the physical body in six places: one in the head,
      one in the heart, two in the palms and two in the
      feet. In the New Testament these are symbolised by the
      crown of thorns on the head of Jesus, the spear wound
      in his side, and the nails through his hands and feet.

      In the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross,
      etheric liberation takes place on the second floor
      (the one above the ground floor). This is how it is
      described: "This room was the whole breadth of the
      Tower itself, having six very stately vestries raised
      a little above the room, and were entered by an ascent
      of three steps. In these vestries we were placed,
      there to pray for the life of the King and Queen."

      In Harry Potter the etheric body is symbolised by a
      house elf called Dobby. House elves are bound to their
      master by magic, and the spell can be broken only by
      the owner giving the elf clothes. Harry gives Dobby's
      owner Lucius Malfoy a book wrapped up in a sock.
      Without thinking, Malfoy gives the sock to Dobby,
      thereby breaking the spell of enslavement.

      In actual fact the etheric body is a kind of slave of
      the physical body, because it has to follow it
      everywhere and serve it day and night. This is because
      the etheric body is what gives life to the physical
      body. Without it, the physical body would die. However
      when the alchemist has reached the stage symbolised by
      the second floor of the Tower of Olympus, his etheric
      body is filled with the forces of Liberation, four
      ethers from the Sixth Cosmic Plane. These are called
      "the Four Holy Foods". This means he becomes fully
      aware within his etheric body and can consciously
      control and direct it. It is no longer a slave of the
      physical body.

      It begins to radiate a glorious golden light and forms
      part of what is traditionally called, "The Golden
      Wedding Vesture". It becomes extremely helpful to the
      alchemist in the further alchemical processes. As we
      know, Dobby is very helpful to Harry. In book 4 he
      helps Harry with the second task, and in book 5 he
      shows Harry how to find the Room of Requirement.

      I'm sure he will be very helpful also in the next two
      books, and I suspect that Dobby will accompany Harry
      on his last journey in book 7. I have the strongest
      suspicion that an alchemical wedding will take place
      in book 7, involving Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape and
      Lupin, and that Dobby will play some sort of role in

      Good old Dobby!


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