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Dolores Umbridge

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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Throughout the millennia many impulses have gone from the Masters of Compassion to humanity. One of the effects of such an impulse is the formation of groups
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2004
      Throughout the millennia many impulses have gone from
      the Masters of Compassion to humanity.

      One of the effects of such an impulse is the formation
      of groups of people who want to put the call for
      liberation into practice. People realise that the
      individual is not strong enough to break the seven
      chains that tie us to the world of Lucimort, and they
      form groups to achieve liberation in united striving.

      If such a group is successful, its members will leave
      earth fairly quickly and the group will become part of
      the Brotherhood of Compassion. Being successful means
      being able to give up the Self of matter for the SELF
      of the Spirit.

      However not every group is successful in that sense.
      Put symbolically, Voldemort's spies are able to enter
      the ranks of a group and gradually take it over and
      change its aims. In other words, the self of matter,
      the ego, Peter Pettigrew, begins to interfere. What
      was initially a pure group aimed at liberation from
      the fallen universe gradually degenerates from an
      earth-leaving group into an earth-seeking group. The
      reason is that the members have not understood what is
      required or have not been willing to sacrifice the
      mortal self for the liberation of the original Divine
      Human Being dormant in the heart, in Lily.

      Of course there is only one Truth. That is, that this
      universe is not divine but is a degenerated part of
      the Divine Universe. Tao is not in this universe, for
      this is ruled by Voldemort. Just as Voldemort
      personifies the higher self in the microcosm, so does
      he do this in the earth-cosmos.

      The Teachings of Liberation contain the Truth, but in
      a very symbolic form, and in a veiled way. Hence when
      a group bends its aims from liberation to servitude to
      Lucifer, it needs to make just a few slight
      adjustments to the Teachings of Liberation. One of
      these is to interpret the Teachings Literally. As I
      said in my Christmas message, the real aim of the
      reports in the New Testament of the birth of Jesus
      refer to the birth of a new soul when a person goes
      the Path of Liberation. But when people's minds are
      fixed on the idea that this is a historical event that
      happened once and once only, and that Jesus came
      literally to take away the sins of the world, so all
      you have to do is accept Jesus as your saviour and
      Bob's your uncle, it would never occur to them in a
      million years that Jesus' birth should take place
      inside them personally.

      In addition to taking the Teachings of Liberation
      literally, a few minor adjustments have to be made to
      the texts of available scriptures. That was very easy
      in the early days of Christianity because manuscripts
      were written by hand, and so were fairly rare. It was
      easy to exterminate manuscripts which spoke of
      Liberation in very express ways, and adopt more veiled
      scriptures as "canon". A few words were changed here
      and there, an emphasis added occasionally, a too
      explicit passage removed, and we have a Holy Book
      that's ready for use as a means of propagation of the
      new faith. What started of as a means of Liberation
      ended up as means of imprisonment. And so the group
      grew from a handful to many millions.

      Of course not everybody agreed with the interpretation
      of the new group, which called itself the one and only
      universal Church. But we have ways of making people
      see our point of view, don't we? It's amazing how
      people are ready to see a different point of view when
      they're on a stake in the fire. And let's not put the
      fire out when they've confessed the error of their
      views. Let it burn out their sins and they'll go
      straight to heaven.

      Of course we have to have a special department in our
      Ministry to guard the faith and eradicate heresy.
      Let's call it the Inquisition with the High Inquisitor
      in charge.

      This is what I believe Jo is saying with the character
      of Dolores Umbridge. Hogwarts symbolises a School of
      Liberation. The Magic World symbolises the spiritual
      world as a whole, and the Ministry for Magic
      symbolises the Hierarchies which control the world
      from the astral plane. What started out as a group
      with Liberating ideals ended up using the Spanish
      Inquisition. Notice how Dolores is a Spanish name? And
      how it means, "pain"?


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