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  • Hans Rieuwers
    There are many different ways to symbolise the Path to eternal life. Just look how many myths, legends, fairy tales, heroic epics and gospels there are that
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2004
      There are many different ways to symbolise the Path to
      eternal life. Just look how many myths, legends, fairy
      tales, heroic epics and gospels there are that tell
      the same story in different ways. Hence I find it
      difficult to predict exactly how Hermione will end up.
      So far Harry Potter has followed "The Alchemical
      Wedding of Christian Rosycross" fairly closely. Will
      it go on like that, or will it depart from that track?

      I love the way John Granger has quite boldly stated
      his predictions for the last three books in "Hidden
      Key to Harry Potter" in a very jovial and laid-back
      way. I'm taking his example and saying, "Here's my
      guesses, but don't keep reminding me for the next 30
      years about how wrong I was".

      I still have that funny intuitive inclination to see
      the trio as the Half-Blood Prince. As I've explained
      in detail before, HRH = His Royal Highness, and the
      amount of "pure-blood" in the trio is 1½. This would
      mean the trio would end up as one person. This makes
      sense in terms of an alchemical wedding, but not as a
      children's story. The other clue I can't put out of my
      mind is that in book 5 Harry dreams of Ron and
      Hermione wearing crowns. In "The Alchemical Wedding" a
      young king and queen sit in a circle of six with a
      crown over their heads. Maybe it's a red herring, but
      I find this a strong argument for seeing at least Ron
      and Hermione ending up as royals.

      Let's just briefly see who does what in "The
      Alchemical Wedding". All three kings and three queens
      are decapitated, but not Christian Rosycross. However
      he "passes through the Gate of Saturn" symbolically by
      playing a vital role in the revivification of the
      reborn king and queen in the eighth floor of the Tower
      of Olympus. The bodies of the six monarchs are used in
      a long alchemical process that ends up with a white
      clayey substance that is poured into the moulds of two
      tiny children, a boy and a girl. These are fed on the
      blood of a bird and they grow quickly to adult size
      human bodies. Then the Spirit is led into them by the
      "Old Man in the Tower" (Dumbledore obviously), and
      they come back to life. Just after this the gate
      keeper complains about someone seeing Lady Venus, and
      this is when Christian Rosycross confesses he's the

      What is the meaning of this symbolism? The three royal
      couples personify the three aspects of the
      consciousness: the flawed good side (Lupin), the bad
      side (Snape), and the new consciousness (Ron and
      Hermione). As you can see, this means that Snape and
      Lupin are each equivalent to a royal couple. Why?
      Because "The Alchemical Wedding" symbolises the three
      aspects in terms of them having a positive and
      negative side, i.e. an active and passive role. The
      male here symbolises the creative role and the female
      the receptive and birth-giving role. Perhaps we'll
      find out Snape and Lupin have wives somewhere; who

      The death of the six monarchs symbolises the complete
      termination of the old and new aspects of the
      consciousness. This doesn't mean the candidate for
      alchemical transformation dies or falls asleep. It's a
      symbolical way of saying that the consciousness of the
      candidate for liberation is totally renewed and
      nothing of the old consciousness is left. A new,
      omniscient, omnipresent and everlasting divine
      consciousness is born. The new king symbolises the
      Spirit living in the reborn Son of God, the queen
      symbolises the reborn Soul living in complete unity
      with the Spirit, and Christian Rosycross symbolises
      the personality, the lower self, which is the perfect
      vehicle for the expression of the united Spirit-Soul.

      To pour the symbolic patterns of "The Alchemical
      Wedding" into Harry Potter, here's what could happen.

      In the final stages Lupin and Snape sacrifice
      themselves for Harry (or the Half-Blood Prince). Ron
      and Hermione are both executed. Harry passes through
      the Gate of Saturn. This could be after a real death
      (since he predicts his own decapitation in book 4) but
      I'm inclined to think he won't die physically, but
      pass through the archway as he is. Then a very big
      BLANK BLANK BLANK. Something happens behind the Gate
      of Saturn, and somehow Harry, Ron and Hermione are
      united into one "Half-Blood Prince", with Sirius
      deeply involved. Hermione would symbolise the Spirit,
      Harry the Soul, and Ron the personality.

      Then, as I mentioned previously, I think Harry or HRH
      will come back to the muggle world somehow and take
      Hagrid's place. Dobby will be at his side, and perhaps
      Harry or HRH will liberate Nearly Headless Nick.
      Perhaps the Deathday Party was a clue to how Harry
      will liberate Sir Nick. He always wanted to be
      decapitated properly, didn't he? Well perhaps Harry
      will do the job properly, though with a wand rather
      than an axe. Nick this time will face "death" without
      fear, and he'll be able to charge off into the
      distance, finally able to join the Headless Hunt!!!

      That's getting right away from Hermione, but I just
      thought of it and got carried away.

      Getting back to Hermione, I realise all the above
      sounds extremely vague and doesn't really convey any
      clear images. But that's the best I can do. Perhaps
      after July 16th I'll be able to do a better
      prediction. Anyway predictions are fun only as long as
      they're predictions. If I were quite certain, by
      clairvoyantly looking Jo's mind for instance, you
      wouldn't want to hear me, would you?

      Thanks Alison for providing the chemical symbol for
      Mercury. Of course, I'd forgotten that. Hg =
      Hydrargentum = fluid silver.

      Warm regards to all of you,


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