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Peter Pettigrew

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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Who is the main character in Harry Potter? What?! you all shout with amazement. What an idiotic question! May I humbly venture to suggest that it s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
      Who is the main character in Harry Potter?

      "What?!" you all shout with amazement. "What an
      idiotic question!"

      May I humbly venture to suggest that it's not Harry?
      No, dear reader, the main character in Harry Potter is
      never mentioned. Because it's YOU! The next most
      important character is Harry.

      Harry Potter is a road map to the path of alchemical
      liberation, written for you and me. Every character,
      event and magic object or power is a force or
      influence that we will encounter if we go this path in
      actual practice. When we go the Path we must have Lily
      in the heart and James must be driving us to seek for
      liberation. These are the requirements, and if we
      allow James to woo Lily and marry her, a most amazing
      and powerful influence will begin to steer our life in
      a new direction; in the opposite direction in fact.

      This new influence is a new soul that will grow within
      us and spread its influence throughout our four
      bodies. However, as we know, there are also influences
      within us which resist the new soul. Harry has
      powerful enemies! The most powerful one of all is
      Voldemort, the microcosmic (or "higher") self. He
      personifies the power of our past incarnations and
      especially the fallen state of our microcosm. He is
      situated around our aura and we don't feel his
      influence until Harry is born in God's little valley,
      the heart.

      There is another influence that initially co-operates
      with Lily and James, but is actually a close ally of

      When the microcosm is preparing for a new incarnation
      it seeks a foetus that is karmically suited for the
      new personality. As I've described previously, the
      microcosmic self pours its energy into the foetus to
      enable it to carry on where the previous tenant of the
      microcosm left off because of death. One of the most
      important aspects that the microcosmic self bestows on
      the new personality is the ego. The ego is vitally
      necessary for the new personality, because it is the
      force which gives the personality the instinct to

      I'm sure you will all be aware of your ego. Just
      observe yourself when somebody insults you. Did you
      feel that spasm in the solar plexus? Or when you're
      sitting on a plane and it gives a very hard,
      unexpected lurch. Ouch! Panic in the solar plexus
      (sometimes known as "the pit of your stomach"). What
      happens when somebody treats you unjustly? The boxer
      in your belly comes out, fists ready. And who takes
      over your life when you're faced with a do or die
      situation? For example when an enemy invades your
      country and threatens the health and well-being of you
      and your children? The naked ape appears with the
      club, ready to defend at all costs. Or if you're in a
      dance hall and the place catches fire? Who's there to
      scream in panic and trample others to death in a blind
      panic to get out?

      May I present to you: Peter Pettigrew! The dirty rat!

      Friends, every time again I am astounded to the core
      of my being at the accuracy and the intelligence with
      which Jo has created a coherent and gripping story out
      of the facts surrounding the Path of Liberation*.

      As I have stated many times, Ron symbolises the old
      personality, the mortal soul. Of course Peter,
      otherwise known as Scabbers, sits snuggled up against
      Ron's body! That's where he belongs. That's his home.

      In his youth he was a friend of Sirius, James and
      Remus John. They are all aspects of the seeker before
      he finds the Path. Until the seeker's heart is opened
      to Tao, and Harry is born, everybody is quite happy to
      be nice and friendly. Remus John personifies the
      "good" in the person. James is the seeking influence
      who flirts with Lily. And Peter is the ego that
      protects the interests of the personality. Sirius is
      the mental image of the perfect divine child of God.
      Snape is their enemy because he personifies the
      "black" side of the personality.

      But watch out when Harry is born! Peter and Voldemort
      are tarred with the same brush when it comes to
      liberation. If Voldemort's existence is threatened, so
      is Peter's. For when the new soul is born in the
      seeker, both the microcosmic self and the personal
      self have to die. When an ordinary earthly person
      lives life in this vale of tears, he needs an ego in
      order to survive. But when the soul is born, the
      seeker has to hand over the reigns of his life to Him,
      to Harry.

      When a seeker has a new soul, he shall want for
      nothing. Friends, if we could only have an inkling of
      the intensity with which God loves his Son, we could
      stop worrying about anything for ever. Harry has
      enough gold to last for the rest of his life. And do
      you remember the room of requirement? "Seek ye first
      the Kingdom and its righteousness and all these other
      things will be yours also."

      But there is one condition: the ego has to go. Sorry
      about that, Scabbers, there's no choice. And Peter
      knows that. He may not be as clever as James, Sirius
      and Remus John, but he is extremely cunning. What does
      he do when Voldemort and he are in danger of being
      vanquished one day by Harry? Simple! Pretend to be on
      the good side. Pretend to go along with the seeker.

      What really happens to the seeker is that the ego
      starts to play along with the activities of the
      seeker. It begins to surround the mental image of the
      Eternal Son of God with delusions, with unfounded
      speculations, with absolute lies. Prometheus is put in
      chains. The image of the Imperishable One is isolated,
      or linked to occultism or religious movements which
      reinforce the ego. In other words: Sirius is

      This may be hard to understand. However what this
      simply means is that before a person can go the Path
      of Liberation, his ego will urge him to go into
      directions which seemingly lead to the truth but in
      fact imprison the seeker in occult practices, or at
      any rate practices which boost the ego. Just ask
      yourself if you're a seeker: would you rather listen
      to a movement that promises you all sorts of wonderful
      things for yourself, or to a movement that says, "give
      up your self-interest if you want to be liberated"? or
      "He who gives up his life for My sake shall find It?"
      What about this simple but true example from a
      magazine advertisement: "Thoughts can influence
      others"? Or would you choose, "Purify your thoughts of
      self-interest?". It is a fact that every seeker has to
      go through the occult or ego-religious phase before he
      can find the true Path. That's why Jo makes such a
      point of it. She's written a whole book about it!

      So there we are. Sirius is in prison. James and Lily
      are dead, but they both live on in Harry. Snape hates
      Harry because Harry is the Light while Snape is the
      black aspect of the seeker's past. Remus John looks
      upon Harry almost as a son because Remus is good, and
      knows Harry is absolute goodness. Peter can now rest
      easily as Scabbers (the dirty little scab) on Ron's

      However Harry grows older. He is no longer an infant
      but can act independently. He has defeated Voldemort
      several times. And a strange event takes place. Ron
      and Scabbers go to Egypt. Sirius sees a photo of the
      two of them in front of a pyramid. While the star
      Sirius, the Bright Morning Star of Egypt, looks upon
      Ron, the other Sirius, the chained Prometheus, is in
      prison looking at Ron and Scabbers in front of a
      pyramid in Egypt. What a coincidence! (No it isn't.)

      Sirius escapes and goes after Scabbers. Of course,
      written as this story is by a superhuman intelligence,
      we all think right to the end that Sirius is after
      Harry. But Sirius loves Harry. He wants only to help
      Harry, to be his God-Father, to show him WHAT TO DO.
      He's Harry's future.

      What does this mean to the apprentice alchemist? It
      means that when he abandons all attempts to go the
      path of the liberation of the ego, the mental image of
      the Son of Eternal Fullness is liberated! If a pupil
      gives up hope of finding salvation for his ego, which
      is just a temporary survival mechanism for life in
      this world, the mental image in the aura will begin to
      radiate intense light, and will illuminate the Path
      the seeker needs to go. Sirius will guide his
      footsteps towards the dawn, the East.

      And Sirius will come and drive Scabbers away from Ron.
      What does this mean in practical terms? The mental
      image of the inner God will move down from its place
      in the aura and drive the ego out of the solar plexus!
      There is a phase in the Alchemical Path of Liberation
      when the mental image of Liberation becomes so
      powerful and intense that it literally comes down into
      the body and drives the ego out. It is no longer
      needed! And what takes its place? Harry's Patronus,
      the stag, the longing for liberation.

      To some one to whom the Path of Liberation is new,
      this may sound like a crazy fairy tale. But Harry
      Potter tells us that when the new soul has become a
      conscious, rational being, and its radiant Mental Plan
      has become powerful enough, there is no further need
      for an ego. It's not all that crazy when you think
      about it. Didn't people like Jesus, Gautama the
      Buddha, Lao Tzu and people like that show total
      selflessness? They had no ego! When the alchemist
      surrenders the control of his life to the God within,
      He will take care of everything. "Come to me, you who
      are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest",
      He says to the seeker, "My yoke is easy, my burden is
      light". When the alchemist surrenders his life to the
      Inner Christ a Power of unimaginable beauty and
      splendour takes over his life. He can let go of all
      worries and cares, for not a hair on his head can be
      harmed without permission from the Potter of the

      And what happens to poor old Scabbers? He escapes into
      the aura! In other words he goes back to Voldemort
      who's his creator and snuggles up there.

      In the next post we'll go back to Sirius and see what
      happens to him. It's pretty good, I tell ya!

      *The whole phase of the Path described above is
      contained in the book, "The Coming New Man", by Jan
      van Rijckenborgh (same initals as Jo's) published in 1953.

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