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Harry (13) - PoA (3)

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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Harry meets Buckbeak at the beginning of his third year at Hogwarts. Buckbeak is a hippogriff, a creature that is half horse, half griffin. In my opinion the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Harry meets Buckbeak at the beginning of his third
      year at Hogwarts. Buckbeak is a hippogriff, a creature
      that is half horse, half griffin.

      In my opinion the griffin gives us the clue to what
      Buckbeak symbolises. The griffin is an ancient
      mythical creature occurring in the tales of many
      nations. It is also mentioned in "The Alchemical
      Wedding of Christian Rosycross". The front half is
      eagle and the back half lion. The lion symbolises
      divine love while the eagle symbolises the spirit. The
      mighty wings of the eagle symbolise the heights to
      which this mystery creature can rise, while the lion
      has its feet on the ground. Here we see a beautiful
      symbol of an animal that connects heaven and earth.
      The Christ!

      When the sons and daughters of the Potter descended
      into matter millions of years ago they started a
      process of severance from the original spirit which
      lived as the king in the microcosm, next to the soul
      as queen, with the personality as their precious
      child. The original spirit never forsakes his
      children, and so right from the beginning there was a
      plan to enable the human being to return the way he
      had come.

      It is not possible just simply to open oneself to the
      original spirit again. The unimaginably high
      vibrations of the spirit would destroy the human being
      instantly. There has to be an intermediary between the
      fallen human being and the spirit. There has to be a
      guardian of God's compassion who can descend to the
      earth, even to hell if necessary, to answer the cry of
      the seeker when he realises there is no point in life
      in the fallen universe and his heart longs for the
      return to the spirit. This intermediary we call the
      Christ. His rays of hope and comfort can reach right
      down to us and give us the strength and hope to turn
      around and go the long, long way back to where we once
      came from. He will lift us up onto his back and carry
      us upwards, ever upwards towards the heights of the
      spirit, for the reunion with the Father.

      That is the griffin. For some reason not clear to me
      Jo has chosen the hippogriff as the symbol. Perhaps
      she doesn't want to be too obvious. Or perhaps a
      griffin is to come later. It is, of course, the name
      of Harry's House: Griffin d'or - Golden Griffin. At
      any rate, it is obvious that the hippogriff is nearly
      the same symbol.

      Beware! The hippogriff has very sharp claws! It is
      necessary to approach him with great respect and
      caution. The griffin is also the symbol of the
      protective power of the body of Christ.

      The body of Christ is the Brotherhood of the Masters
      of Compassion. In the past millennia many people have
      successfully gone the path of liberation. As I have
      stated repeatedly, these people do not forsake
      humanity but help to send the rays of hope and comfort
      down to earth. When Christian Rosycross was freed from
      the pit he helped to pull the next load of people up.
      Hagrid is the example Jo gives us of a master of
      compassion. In past posts I have indicated that it was
      he who introduced Harry to the magical world. And so
      it is only natural that he works with the body of
      Christ. When Hagrid tells Harry to sit on the
      hippogriff's back, naturally the new soul enters the
      body of Christ and this takes him upwards immediately.
      And Harry and Buckbeak become instant friends.

      As an aside I must say I love this scene in the film.
      It has become my all-time favourite scene. The
      symbolism comes out so well!

      But then Malfoy approaches Buckbeak. Malfoy represents
      the type of person who is on the path of liberation
      for the self rather than the new soul that needs to be
      born. It is not possible for the earthly self to be
      liberated as it is an integral part of this universe.
      It's an emergency measure to enable the microcosm to
      express itself in this world. Without it the human
      being could never be liberated. The spirit has left
      the microcosm many thousands of years ago and the soul
      has died. The earthly human being has the task of
      restoring the microcosm to its former glory, but he
      can do so only if he is willing to sacrifice himself
      as Ron did in the chess game, and as we will see in
      one of the books to come.

      It is natural for the human being to seek liberation
      for the natural self, or the "Self of matter" as "The
      Voice of the Silence" calls it. But that is
      impossible. Nevertheless many people do try. Malfoy in
      my opinion symbolises such a person. At Hogwarts he
      belongs to Slytherin, the House of Lucifer. He
      approaches the Body of Christ with irreverence and
      disdain. He says, "I bet you're not dangerous at all,
      are you? Are you, you great ugly brute?" As we know,
      Malfoy gets slashed by the sharp claws. The body of
      Christ is a force-field of intensely high spiritual
      energy and supremely beneficial only when it is
      approached by the immortal soul, but when the seeker
      for liberation for the self approaches it, he will be
      harmed. The high vibrations of the Christ will cause
      damage to the astral body of such a person.

      Malfoy goes to hospital and later he and his father
      organise the trial and fix the condemnation of

      Meanwhile Harry discovers that Sirius, his God-Father,
      is innocent and has spent 12 years in prison as a
      victim of Peter Pettigrew's treachery. I will explain
      exactly what force Sirius personifies as soon as I've
      finished this series on Harry. Just for now let's just
      say he is the new soul's guardian and guide, a source
      of inspiration and spiritual power. He is in the
      microcosm, close to the new soul.

      By means of a time-turner Harry and Hermione (note:
      Ron is absent) go back in time and save Buckbeak from
      the executioner. Then they fly up to the cell where
      Sirius is imprisoned and help him to escape. Sirius
      flies off on Buckbeak. Harry has saved two innocent

      Harry Potter is the story of a candidate for
      liberation through alchemical transformation. All the
      characters are forces, influences or entities the
      apprentice alchemist meets along the way. Dementors
      are forces which try to rob the new soul of the
      candidate of its soul-power. Harry is able to drive
      these away through his mighty longing for liberation,
      as we saw in Harry (12).

      Buckbeak has been condemned to death. The influence of
      the Body of Christ, the Brotherhood of Compassion, is
      contrary to the purposes of the powers of darkness in
      and around the seeker. They want to get rid of this
      influence as soon as possible. Christ is dangerous! He
      upsets world order. Look at what he's done to poor old
      Malfoy! Exterminate!

      The same with Sirius. He has been taken by Snape and
      locked up. Snape is our dark side, our shadow. He
      hates Sirius and Harry. I will deal with Snape later.
      Suffice to say for now that he is the black king in
      "The Alchemical Wedding". Although Snape is to join
      the Order of the Phoenix later, as we know, and will
      sacrifice himself for Harry in the end, he is bound by
      his past to hate the Divine Light. However Harry bows
      to the hippogriff, and he and Hermione fly off to save

      The new immortal soul defies the powers of this world
      and enters the Body of Christ with great respect. He
      surrenders himself to it and the Christ-force lifts
      him up and enables him to liberate Sirius. Harry has
      completed another phase in the Divine Plan of
      Redemption. He has become free of the astral world. He
      has liberated the Power of Christ within himself and
      has brought up into his firmament the new Bright
      Morning Star, Sirius.

      Jo is not writing fiction, you know.

      PS well, maybe flobberworms are fiction.

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