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  • Hans Rieuwers
    One of the most powerful effects of Harry Potter is that many readers identify strongly with Harry. Yours truly certainly felt that immediately when reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
      One of the most powerful effects of Harry Potter is
      that many readers identify strongly with Harry. Yours
      truly certainly felt that immediately when reading
      just the first few pages of book 2. I know from "Harry
      Potter for Grownups" that many adults really love
      Harry almost as much as a living person. And the press
      reports from all over the world tell us that millions
      of children identify intensely with Harry.

      To me that's a sign that the Masters of Compassion are
      engaged in etching the essence of the teachings of
      liberation deeply into the blood and the subconscious
      of many millions of people. From there it is a small
      step for people to realise that Harry can actually be
      born in them. Every seeker carries Lily in his heart.
      The realisation that she can give birth to Harry, the
      true and eternal child of God, is just around the

      All of us seekers have the potential for a new soul to
      be born out of the divine thought-spark, which I call
      the little Tao, in the heart. That new soul will take
      us on a journey from the vale of suffering, sorrow and
      death to a new life that is intensely happy, totally
      unselfish, imbued with all embracing Love for all
      creatures and for all of creation, and has no end, but
      is an eternal growth from one state of ineffable
      refulgence to the next, which is even more radiant,
      more fulfilling, with even greater power to bestow
      goodness on others. The price is small. All we have to
      do is give up our self-centred consciousness, as we
      will be shown in book 7.

      The journey of the new soul to attain liberation has
      seven stages, and we have discussed two. Book 3 shows
      clearly and unequivocally how we can be liberated from
      the astral plane of this universe.

      This book has two main climaxes and therefore two
      lessons: the defeat of the dementors and saving
      Buckbeak and Sirius. When I start my series on the
      symbols used in Harry Potter I'll discuss the
      dementors in more depth. Let me just say at this stage
      that dementors are not totally symbolic. They really
      do exist, and, as the book says, are invisible to us

      I have mentioned the Gnostic gospel "Pistis Sophia"
      several times. The activities of the dementors are
      described very clearly there. This gospel calls them
      "the rulers of the aeons". Pistis Sophia, the main
      character, is the Harry Potter of the ancient
      Gnostics. She is constantly weakened by the rulers of
      the aeons, who "take away her light-power" (Chapter
      31). This is exactly the same as when the dementors
      suck "happiness" from Harry.

      What does this mean in practical terms for you and me?
      In my theory of liberation I have so far not told you
      very much about the powers that fight human liberation
      with all their strength. It is in the interest of many
      "principalities and powers in the heavenly places"
      (i.e. the astral plane) that people definitely NOT be
      liberated. This in itself would need a couple of
      chapters to explain, but to keep a long story short,
      let me remind you of my remarks at the beginning of
      this series that a microcosm and a cosmos have the
      same structure. Just as our microcosm has a higher
      self surrounding our aura, so does the cosmos, i.e.
      the earth. I have called the microcosmic higher self
      "Voldemort". In Harry Potter, Voldemort personifies
      both the microcosmic higher self AND the cosmic higher
      self. Just as our personal Voldemort tries to kill
      Harry at any cost, so the cosmic Voldemort is the
      deadly enemy of all seekers who want to go the path of
      liberation. Just as Harry is bound to defeat
      Voldemort, so the collective group of seekers who have
      a new soul will one day defeat the cosmic Voldemort.
      This all described in "The Revelation of John."

      The cosmic Voldemort, more commonly known as Lucifer,
      is a collective astral force which rules life on earth
      in the same way as our own higher self does. And just
      as our higher self has twelve main power centres in
      the auric ring which surrounds the microcosm, so the
      earth has twelve immense power centres surrounding it.
      We call their collective influence the zodiac. "Pistis
      Sophia" calls these the twelve aeons. Each aeon
      consists of numerous sub-powers which work for them,
      and these are called the rulers of the aeons in
      "Pistis Sophia", and dementors in Harry Potter.

      When a seeker has received the incomparable blessing
      of the birth of the immortal and precious new soul, he
      immediately becomes an object of great interest to the
      rulers of the aeons. The new soul radiates
      "light-power". This is astral energy of an extremely
      high potency. The rulers or dementors prey around the
      seeker with the new soul and try, whenever possible,
      to "suck out" this energy with two aims: firstly to
      absorb the energy themselves, which makes them more
      powerful, and secondly to weaken and, if possible,
      suck out the new soul completely. Jo isn't
      fantasising, friends, she is talking facts!

      However the new soul has a mighty weapon: the
      Patronus! Essentially the seeker is totally safe.
      Although he may have moments of weakness when his
      focus on the path of liberation diminishes, for
      example through being absorbed by the problems of
      life, or by lapsing into negative emotions, he has a
      weapon against which not even 100 dementors have the
      slightest chance of winning.

      As you know, we are discussing the astral plane, the
      plane of desires and emotions. Every desire results in
      the attraction of astral forces of a certain
      vibration. We as creatures of the universe of Lucifer
      can attract only the forces from this universe.
      However as soon as Harry is born, there is a living
      being within us who is not from this universe. Tao has
      become Te. Jesus is born in the heart. The Prince of
      Peace has arrived to reclaim his kingdom. This means
      that in the astral body of the seeker there is a new
      soul which can desire something that is not obtainable
      anywhere in this universe: the living water. This is a
      symbol for the life-force of the Kingdom of Heaven. It
      is the astral substance of the sixth cosmic plane.

      Invoking the Patronus means concentrating oneself on
      the longing of the soul for "the blood of Christ", the
      elixir of life, for Tao, for God. This longing is best
      described by Psalm 42:
      "As a hart longs for flowing streams,
      so longs my soul for thee, O God.
      My soul thirst for God,
      for the living God.
      When shall I come and behold the face of God?"

      Among those who read this there will be those who know
      this experience and those who don't. Those who know
      this experience will not be able to explain or
      describe it to those who don't. When Harry is born in
      your heart you have a new sense organ. You are no
      longer a muggle and a new world opens up to you.
      Trying to explain this deep yearning, this hankering
      for manna, is like trying to explain the view of a
      mountain range to a blind person or a symphony to a
      deaf one. The nearest we can get to describing this
      longing is to compare it to the intense craving for
      air one feels when one's head is being held under
      water for a few minutes. Imagine suffocating and then
      suddenly being able to breathe fresh, fragrant, oxygen
      rich air. Only the relief isn't felt by the lungs but
      by the heart. As I said recently, when the little Tao
      in the heart meets the big universal Tao there is an
      intense joy, like a spiritual orgasm. Perhaps the best
      way to describe it is to compare it to the joy of
      being reunited with a person, whom we love with utter
      intensity, and who we thought was dead.

      When a person focuses himself on this supernal
      longing, he is invoking the Patronus. Patronus comes
      from Pater, father. Invoking the Patronus is in fact a
      cry from the soul for its Father. God loves his
      creatures with an intensity far beyond our
      understanding, and when one of them cries out to him
      he reacts immediately with an abundance of Holy Light.
      This Holy Light, as I've said, has a vibration rate
      far above anything possible in this universe. When a
      seeker invokes the Patronus, when his soul, Harry,
      calls for the Light, there is an answer from heaven.
      The soul is immediately linked to a ray of light from
      another universe. In the Alchemical Wedding of
      Christian Rosycross this is symbolised by a cord being
      let down into a deep pit. Christian Rosycross is able
      to grab the rope and he is liberated from the pit.
      Harry invokes the Patronus and the light appears out
      of his wand. He is linked to his father at that
      moment. If all the hordes of demons and devils in
      hell, and all the rulers of the aeons, and Lucifer
      himself all were to try to attack us in one united
      thrust, they could do nothing to us if we invoke the
      Patronus. The Celestial Light of the Father would
      protect us and drive them all away. That is the
      victory promised to us in Harry Potter.

      Friends, let me assert with all my strength: There is
      nothing in the whole universe more beautiful than the
      story of liberation. And Harry Potter tells that
      story. That's why it's the world's most beautiful
      book! (Along with the other books which tell this

      I can't resist reproducing here the part of the book
      I'm talking about. Please read it again with the above
      comments in mind.


      And then Harry saw them. Dementors, at least a hundred
      of them, gliding in a black mass around the lake
      toward them. He spun around, the familiar, icy cold
      penetrating his insides, fog starting to obscure his
      vision; more were appearing out of the darkness on
      every side; they were encircling them....
      "Hermione, think of something happy!" Harry yelled,
      raising his wand, blinking furiously to try and clear
      his vision, shaking his head to rid it of the faint
      screaming that had started inside it --
      I'm going to live with my godfather. I'm leaving the
      Dursleys. He forced himself to think of Black, and
      only Black, and began to chant:
      "Expecto patronum! Expecto patronum!"
      Black gave a shudder, rolled over, and lay motionless
      on the ground, pale as death.
      He'll be all right. I'm going to go and live with him.
      "Expecto patronum! Hermione, help me! Expecto
      "Expecto --" Hermione whispered, "expecto -- expecto
      But she couldn't do it. The dementors were closing in,
      barely ten feet from them. They formed a solid wall
      around Harry and Hermione, and were getting closer....
      "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" Harry yelled, trying to blot the
      screaming from his ears. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"
      A thin wisp of silver escaped his wand and hovered
      like mist before him. At the same moment, Harry felt
      Hermione collapse next to him. He was alone...
      completely alone....
      "Expecto -- expecto patronum --"
      Harry felt his knees hit the cold grass. Fog was
      clouding his eyes. With a huge effort, he fought to
      remember -- Sirius was innocent -- innocent
      -- We'll be okay -- I'm going to live with him --
      "Expecto patronum!" he gasped.
      By the feeble light of his formless Patronus, He saw a
      dementor halt, very close to him. It couldn't walk
      through the cloud of silver mist Harry had conjured. A
      dead, slimy hand slid out from under the cloak. It
      made a gesture as though to sweep the Patronus aside.
      "No -- no --" Harry gasped. "He's innocent... expecto
      expecto patronum --"
      He could feel them watching him, hear their rattling
      breath like an evil wind around him. The nearest
      dementor seemed to be considering him. Then it raised
      both its rotting hands -- and lowered its hood.
      Where there should have been eyes, there was only
      thin, gray scabbed skin, stretched blankly over empty
      sockets. But there was a mouth... a gaping, shapeless
      hole, sucking the air with the sound of a death
      A paralyzing terror filled Harry so that he couldn't
      move or speak. His Patronus flickered and died.
      White fog was blinding him. He had to fight... expecto
      patronum ... he couldn't see... and in the distance,
      he heard the familiar screaming...
      expecto patronum... he groped in the mist for Sirius,
      and found his arm... they weren't going to take
      But a pair of strong, clammy hands suddenly attached
      themselves around Harry's neck. They were forcing his
      face upward.... He could feel its breath.... It was
      going to get rid of him first.... He could feel its
      putrid breath.... His mother was screaming in his
      ears.... She was going to be the last thing he ever
      heard --
      And then, through the fog that was drowning him, he
      thought he saw a silvery light growing brighter and
      brighter... He felt himself fall forward onto the
      grass.... Facedown, too weak to move, sick and
      shaking, Harry opened his eyes. The dementor must have
      released him. The blinding light was illuminating the
      grass around him.... The screaming had stopped, the
      cold was ebbing away...
      Something was driving the dementors back.... It was
      circling around him and Black and Hermione.... They
      were leaving....
      The air was warm again....
      With every ounce of strength he could muster, Harry
      raised his head a few inches and saw an animal amid
      the light, galloping away across the lake.... Eyes
      blurred with sweat, Harry tried to make out what it
      was.... It was as bright as a unicorn.... Fighting to
      stay conscious, Harry watched it canter to a halt as
      it reached the opposite shore. For a moment, Harry
      saw, by its brightness, somebody welcoming it back...
      raising his hand to pat it... someone who looked
      strangely familiar ... but it couldn't be...
      (Later, after time travelling back three hours sees
      the scene again from across the lake - HR)
      There was a bush at the very edge of the water. Harry
      threw himself behind it, peering desperately through
      the leaves. On the opposite bank, the glimmers of
      silver were suddenly extinguished. A terrified
      excitement shot through him -- any moment now --
      "Come on!" he muttered, staring about. "Where are you?
      Dad, come on --"
      But no one came. Harry raised his head to look at the
      circle of dementors across the lake. One of them was
      lowering its hood. It was time for the rescuer to
      appear -- but no one was coming to help this time --
      And then it hit him -- he understood. He hadn't seen
      his father -- he had seen himself --
      Harry flung himself out from behind the bush and
      pulled out his wand.
      "EXPECTO PATRONUM! "he yelled.
      And out of the end of his wand burst, not a shapeless
      cloud of mist, but a blinding, dazzling, silver
      animal. He screwed up his eyes, trying to see what it
      was. It looked like a horse. It was galloping silently
      away from him, across the black surface of the lake.
      He saw it lower its head and charge at the swarming
      dementors.... Now it was galloping around and
      around the black shapes on the ground, and the
      dementors were falling back, scattering, retreating
      into the darkness.... They were gone.
      The Patronus turned. It was cantering back toward
      Harry across the still surface of the water. It wasn't
      a horse. It wasn't a unicorn, either. It
      was a stag. It was shining brightly as the moon above
      ... it was coming back to him....
      It stopped on the bank. Its hooves made no mark on the
      soft ground as it stared at Harry with its large,
      silver eyes. Slowly, it bowed its antlered head. And
      Harry realized... "Prongs, "he whispered.
      But as his trembling fingertips stretched toward the
      creature, it vanished.

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