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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is very clearly the struggle of the new soul to break the chain to the astral plane of the wrathful universe, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2004
      Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is very
      clearly the struggle of the new soul to break the
      chain to the astral plane of the wrathful universe,
      the world of Lucifer.

      This is only my opinion, of course, but to me it's the
      recognition of the teachings of liberation. What I
      really hope is that other people will describe what
      they recognise in Harry Potter.

      There are possibly many people reading this who have
      no idea of what I mean by the astral plane, and so I
      will provide some background information to help them
      understand and visualise.

      The astral plane is the plane of emotions and desires.
      Every plane has its own atoms and forces, and the
      atoms of the astral plane are a bit like sparks of
      fire of different colours. They are of course
      imperceptible to the ordinary five senses, but they
      can be perceived by our "sixth sense", by our
      "feelings". These atoms can pass through physical
      atoms and can move very much faster than them. All
      creatures with a consciousness have an astral field
      around them, which is often called the astral body or
      desire body.

      Astral atoms are moved by a force we call desire or
      emotion. When we desire something, we create a force
      which attracts astral atoms of a certain vibration.
      For example if we have a strong desire for money we
      will attract atoms which correspond in vibration rate
      to that desire. If we strongly desire to help other
      people, this creates a force which attracts astral
      atoms of a much higher vibration.

      A clairvoyant person can see these atoms rushing in
      and out of our astral body, as each vibration radiates
      a different colour. With one glance people who have
      this sight can see what sort of a person they are
      looking at. A spiritual person will have a lovely
      light blue radiance; an intellectual person a bright
      yellow one. People with base, selfish desires and
      emotions will have very muddy, dark colours. A person
      suffering from depression will have an impenetrable
      grey cloud around him. A person with a new soul,
      symbolised by Harry Potter, will have a breathtakingly
      beautiful golden aura. Harry has a lot of gold!

      Another extremely important property of astral atoms
      is that when a mental image is projected into them,
      they take on the form of that image. To understand
      this very clearly, think about the Defence against the
      Dark Arts classes dealing with the boggart. These
      lessons are perfect for understanding life in the
      astral plane! Lupin tells his students to concentrate
      on a form which makes the boggart look ridiculous.
      That's exactly what happens on the astral plane! If
      you project a powerful mental image accompanied by a
      strong emotion or desire, you will create an astral
      form just like your mental image. Jo KNOWS!

      As I've pointed out in previous posts, when we lose
      our physical body and our etheric body, we go on
      living for a few years in our astral body. This means
      the astral plane becomes open to us and we can travel
      throughout its many sub-planes, provided that we can't
      enter planes which are higher in vibration than out
      own personal key vibration. Obviously people with a
      low key vibration will have a rather unpleasant time
      while those with very spiritual vibrations will live
      in a land of light, happiness and spiritual
      companionship. The stories about hell and heaven are
      based on this, and the film, "What Dreams May Come",
      with Robin Williams is an excellent representation of
      life in the astral plane.

      Once a person is conscious in the astral plane (you
      don't have to be dead though) he can also learn to
      change his appearance. Once again, by intense
      concentration on a mental image, accompanied by a
      strong desire, a person can change his astral field to
      resemble anything he likes. Jo demonstrates this by
      her description of the animagi. They have learnt to
      adopt the forms of animals. Transfiguration lessons
      are exactly the same sort of thing. In the astral
      plane you can change a teacup into a turtle.

      Jo is also very careful about what she tells her young
      readers about the astral world. For example crystal
      gazing is extremely dangerous for the astral body,
      but, as we know, she ridicules this practice. Harry,
      the pure new soul born to the seeker who is thirsting
      for God, sees nothing in the crystal ball! Another
      indication how Harry Potter is NOT OCCULT! (We loves
      ya, Jo)

      I'm very grateful to John Granger for pointing out to
      the world that Book 3 is about emotions. Exactly,
      John! The book begins by describing how Harry loses
      control of his emotions when his aunt tries to
      desecrate the memory of his parents, and ends with
      Harry's supernal triumph over his emotions.

      In my next post I will try to show how amazingly
      beautiful Harry's triumph is, and how we can all share
      in his emotional liberation.


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